Filming began at mid-morning Tuesday morning at Penns Landing Marina, I headed over there after I filmed my segment on Good Day Philadelphia at 10AM (Oy sit up while on TV HughE, and don’t wear checkerd shirts.) I wasn’t sure exactly where it was, but it was a good day for a walk.

 I was walking near the Hyatt and spotted Richard Gere’s car. I got my camera out and he rolled down his window and gave me a wave. Nice guy.

I noticed they had set up across the Penns Landing Marina on a boat. 
  I got a few shots of them rehearsing the scene first with their stand in’s
 and then with Richard Gere and Dakota Fanning

 after a few shots, they asked “us” to move, as there was another photographer there. Someone who came down from NYC to shoot, especially Dakota Fanning.
 The filming begins, I found a nice spot inside the Moshulu to shoot the action. I also had lunch, all I can say is the view is awesome, and think how can you mess up a beet salad and burger?

 Franny Watts sits in his chair
 Everyone seemed to have a great time on the set. At one point this guy walks by and flips up
 the hood on Dakota Fannings’ coat
 She’s confused and
 turns around to see who did it. No one was there. So funny, he got away scott free.
Richard Gere stayed in character while on the boat, even when not filming. 
Although in this photo they are filming. Seems he’s comforting Olivia,
 This seems to be a common trait of Franny. Remember in my PhillyMag shot from Monday’s filming he throws up his hands
 The 19-year-old actress plays one half of a young couple who are befriended by Richard Gere’s eccentric, hedonistic philanthropist in the film and Dakota looked all grown up on her first day on set on Tuesday, where she looks to be about 5 months pregnant.

 Hello wardrobe. Could Franny front her character some money for a better outfit?
 Lunch break for them, meant my lunch break was over and I headed home.

But not before I took this last shot.

BTW I forgot to mention the name change on the Bellevue on Monday was The Remington.
Movie News: I ran into actor Tom Delconte on the set. He tells me that this Saturday “McCanick” screens at the Prince Theater. He’s in the movie. Look for him. Sadly it’s Cory Montieth’s last movie. He seems to play real to life, drug addict. Rumor on the street is David Morse will be there, and why not he lives in the Philly burbs.