People’s Emergency Center Holds and Informative Panel on Education #SoundTheHorn

On Wednesday, October 16, five prominent Philadelphia
thought leaders and one Philadelphia high school student took part in
‘Sounding the Horn: A Crossfire Discussion on Educational Outcomes’ –
during which they answered five (5) rounds of questions that call to
question: what is a quality education, 
how do we prepare our kids to
compete on a global level, and, most importantly, is the national public
school crisis a reality, or a manufactured campaign to privatize
Romona Riscoe Benson, Corporate Relations Manager at PECO.

The conversation was hosted by The Emerging Leaders of People’s Emergency Center, and held at The Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA.

Moderated by KYW Newsradio’s Cherri Gregg, (above)
the discussion was modeled after the rapid-fire pace of ESPN’s ‘Around
the Horn.’ Gregg asked five (5) questions in total, and each individual
was given only 2-3 minutes to respond. 

At the end, attendees voted as to
whom they believe won each round. ‘Sounding the Horn’ panelists
included: Soledad Alfaro, Vice President of Educational Innovations at the Philadelphia Education Fund; George Burrell, partner at Kleinbard Becker & Bell; Dr. Leroy Nunery, former Acting Superintendent of Philadelphia Public Schools; Ronnie Polaneczky, education columnist for The Daily News; Stanford Thompson, CEO of Play On, Philly!; and Ashlyn Bolger, a student at School of the Future. 
The ‘winner’ was Stanford Thompson. 

 “This event was an opportunity to engage a group of
individuals – ages 21 to 35 – who may not fully understand how the
current status of the public school system affects them as it relates to
future workforce and economic development,” says Emerging Leader of PEC
Chair, Megan R. Smith (above). “It also provided
another group of individuals – ages 36 to 50 – with a platform for
informed discourse around an issue that they have seen evolve
considerably over the last decade.”
The Emerging Leaders of People’s
Emergency Center is a volunteer group of young professionals who are
committed to PEC’s mission of nurturing families, strengthening
neighborhoods, and driving change in West Philadelphia. 

Through a
community of more than 200 housing units and five educational centers
offering job training, parenting and early childhood education, and
technology coursework, PEC seeks to change the life trajectory for the
women and children who seek its services, and inspire them to aspire to
new heights.
‘Sounding the Horn: A Crossfire Discussion on
Educational Outcomes’ is the first in a series of conversations around
global issues that affect our communities.

 Stanford Thompson, CEO of Play On, Philly!, Tiffany Newmuis, Director of Diversity Programs at Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority, Ilene Miller and
Richard Binswanger.
Renesha Bolger and Ashlyn Bolger, a student at School of the Future. Ashlyn spoke about how difficult it can be for students to apply themselves to their school work when there is such uncertainty about the budget, or teachers being laid off, guidance counselors and programs that assist students in their studies.
 Carmon M. Harvey – Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads, LLP, Brian Taylor and Elizabeth Mell
  KYW Newsradio’s Cherri Gregg and Ronnie Polaneczky, education columnist for The Daily News

The event was made possible
by the support of Comcast, PECO, Montgomery McCracken Walker &
Rhoads LLP, and The Philadelphia Foundation.