2ND Video Surfaces to Possibly Clear Guy who Drove Down The Philadelphia Art Museum Steps.

 Check out Murtaza Gurcanli
video (below and read his first hand account after my video of what happened.) 
UPDATE: OK definitely looks like it was an accident. Student Emin
Faki, 20,
was warming up his engine because it was cold out, but had
the convertible top down, anyway, the emergency brake failed as the car idled in NEUTRAL, and well
the rest is history. I tend to believe the
Emin Faki, 20 story now that I’ve seen the 2nd video (of course sounds like his car shouldn’t be on the road, but hey I was 20 once and rarely had my car inspected at that time myself.) To me it looked like a man very pleased with himself driving
driving down the Philadelphia Art Museum Steps. (I guess he was pleased,
he lived) Kinda crazy he didn’t call the police after the “accident”,
someone honestly could have gotten hurt, especially since it was an open
air car. 
Seriously dude, I hope you’re in Church on Sunday cause you need to thank someone for being alive.

My video of guy driving down Art Museum Steps.
 Murtaza Gurcanli says:
“There is a lot of attention right
now about the car driving down the Art Museum steps. Not saying it was
right or wrong, but it was not intentional. I do not know the person who
owns the vehicle, I was just there enjoying the scenery of Philadelphia
when this freak accident happened.

I was with a couple people on
the top steps, when all the sudden we look up and see this persons car
start rolling off the steps. We all yelled as it was happening. The
owner of the car jumped in front of his car, then proceeded to jump INTO
his car all while roaring down the steps to stop it.

After he was able to stop the car, he was already down two flights of steps, and had no choice but to continue on this path.

He did not do this to be reckless or funny, he drove down the steps because he had to.

have video from my phone right after it happened. We were all stunned
that a car with no one in it started to drive down the steps; I
immediately turned my phone on and got my camera ready.

I do
enjoy the view from the Art Museum especially at that spot, I hope it
doesn’t get closed, but maybe the Art Museum could reduce their risk
exposure by putting up stop blocks like they have directly behind the
stairs…Seems like they are in the wrong position if you ask me.

I hope this person doesn’t get into too much trouble because it was all
just a freak accident. I am actually pretty amazed that he jumped in
front of his car, managed to get in it and stop it before entering onto
Kelly drive/the circle. Now that would have been bad.

Please excuse the obscenities throughout the video, it was just a pretty wild moment.

was pretty crazy, my friends and I were all talking about how they
should have stop blocks since cars can just park up there. We were all
joking about who was going to do it, when the car decided to take
matters into its own hands.”