EXPANDING BUSINESS IN PHILLY – What Two Buildings Did to Increase the Foot Print of their Buildings

The Radisson Warwick Hotel
Is undergoing a major facelift to become the third Radisson Blu Hotel in the US. A sorta aloft type of hotel
A few weeks ago I noticed that the building at 16th and Market, which houses the Radian, and Republic Bank, underwent a unique renovation themselves.
You’ll recall they filmed scenes from Bradley Cooper’s movie Limitless at this location.
Earlier this month I wrote how Limitless is now becoming a TV show produced by Bradley Cooper. No word on if he’s going to film it here in Philadelphia. Anyway…

 Earlier this month I noticed they started to enclose part of their apron on the first floor, and the equivalent space on the 2nd floor.
2 weeks ago left side of building
Last Friday left side of building
Putting up the wall
 Last Friday, on the left side of the building they installed the glass wall. It looks great.

What a great idea, looks great. Another popular building did it last year.

Triple AAA had an extensive apron surrounding their building. At one point there were bushes planted in the front. In later years the “garden boxes” were filled in by stones.
Ironically Limiteless also filmed here.

While it underwent a renovation from office building to apartments, not only did they add several additional floors, but they enclosed “the apron area” to increase it’s retail space. Now there’s an expansive liquor/wine store on the first floor as well as a bank at the 2040 location.