Pixs: The Career Wardrobe Holds a Tea Party and an Affordable Fashion Show – Tiara’s no Tantrums – Affordable Fashion

Every year one of my favorite charities (The Career Wardrobe) hosts a tea party. The party is usually an intimate affair, but this year they went all out and had it at the Grand Ballroom at the Bellevue to keep up with the demand of this special mommy/daughter event.

Hello gorgeous!! Entrepeneur Jen Grover, with niece Brianna Corvino, and daughters Madison Marley and Morgan Marley
Janice Newton Famous, Abby Siegel-Greenberg, Isabelle, and Nijah Newton Famous,
I see Isabelle brought her tiara

Sweet hatted Ebony Freeman. This year they didn’t stress wearing hats, but I missed that part of the party. Next year hats ladies.

Joy Humaira Serajuddin, Angela Travaglive, Tara Endy, Amy Garrity, Angela Garrity

Career Wardrobe is thrilled to be the beneficiary of
Scarlett Alley’s Holiday Benefit Party!

Stop by Thursday, November 21st from 5pm – 7:30pm
to shop with a purpose for good finds while
enjoying spiked eggnog and savory bites!

15% of your purchase will benefit Career Wardrobe!

Scarlett Alley
241 Race Street, Philadelphia

Kathryn Conlow, Christine Jereb, Board Member, and Regina Jereb

Lasha Davis, Jacqueline Dawsey, and Stephanie Taylor
The Fearless leader Sheri Cole, Executive Director of the Career Wardrobe
 Natalie Vensen, Isabella Bucci, and Francesca Wildman
Paige Wolfe and her new addition, Ev
 Vergia Liggon and Donna Liggon

Great fashion at an affordable price can be bought at the Career Wardrobe
I love how the Career Wardrob
The career wardrobe had something I haven’t seen anyone else do
they had a sheet with all the outfits on it in order of appearance
listing what the person was wearing
how much it was
including the total cost of the entire ensemble
I wish everyone would do that for their fashion shows.

 Donna Liggon

Julie Elliott, Jen Grover, Colleen Corvino, and Katie Everett
During the lunch, Guest Speaker Jen Groover told the tea tottelers- say something positive every day about yourself, work towards positive goals and surround yourself with people that will allow you to achieve your goals

Joy Zhou, Summi Traong, Cathy Waugh, Katie Palitto and Megan Duffy. Lots going on at the Career Wardrobe during the holidays. Sales, specials and they’re always there for you to drop off a donation at 18th and Spring Garden Streets.