Philly Fashion Bloggers Get Caught with Swarovski at Le Méridien Philadelphia

“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of
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Talk about chic dining, I joined some of Philadelphia’s most
fashionable bloggers for dinner with Swarovski in the private dining room at Le
Philadelphia’s Amuse brasserie. Even the menus and place cards were
Swarovski-adorned, like this one I photographed with their New York bangles. 

I met Kerrie McLellan, Director of Marketing, Swarovski. As you can
see, she sparkles just like the brand, as did Daneen Bair (pictured here), the
blogger behind Spoiled Pretty.

Also in attendance were
Jessie Holeva from Trend Hungry and Natalia Galvis
from Fashion of Philly.  
 As well as Jade Barnes from
Style Wallflower, who mentioned that her mother is also a big Swarovski fan.
The Swarovski team shared
more about the Get Caught Philadelphia campaign, which you’ve probably seen all
around Philadelphia and South Jersey.  
And made a big announcement.
The jewelry company has partnered with Le Méridien Philadelphia and created “The Getaway,”
an exclusive high-end cocktail served in a custom-crystalized Swarovski martini
glass with a $1000 price tag benefiting the Philadelphia charity of the
imbiber’s choice.  

fashionable pair that “get caught” enjoying this libation will leave with a set
of these glasses and two pieces of sparkling Swarovski jewelry (including a
handsome pair of men’s cufflinks). Proceeds from the cocktail will be donated
to the Philadelphia charity of their choice. 

bloggers tasted “The Getaway” and some other new cocktails from Le Meridien’s
new “Sparkling” menu.  
dinner, there was one last reveal – the attendees all received individual gift
bags with Swarovski pieces to #GetCaughtPHL in.  

Got Caught in the iconic Swarovski Nirvana ring. 

did the always stunning Nena Boling of Beauty and Britches.
effervescent Jessie Holeva added more sparkle to her sparkle with the Slake

was a lovely evening and I am particularly excited about the charitable
component to the $1000 cocktail. It’s a sparkling way to give to a local
charity before the year ends.  Read more about the $1000 cocktail in Michael Klein’s column here.

Front Row (L-R): Risa of Really Risa and Daneen of Spoiled Pretty
Back Row (L-R): Nena of Beauty & Britches, Jacqueline of Burgundy Whispers, Natalia of Fashion of Philly, Melissa of Swarovski, Jade of Style wallflower, Jessie of Trend Hungry, Jimmy of Philly Street Style, and Kerrie and Terri of Swarovski.

“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of
posts sponsored by Swarovski. Find out more
about Swarovski at