Dr. Jennifer Caudle Celebrates Her Birthday With Friends at Ocean Prime

Last Thursday was one of those epic days where I covered about 6 events, and one of those twice a year days where I either left my notebook at the last event, or it got loss in the abyss of my life. I did go to some fun parties, and I was able to piece together a little of what went on, but if a picture tells a thousand words these photos are the complete story.

 Dr. Jennifer Caudle, D.O., a board-certified Family Medicine
physician. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the department
of Family Medicine at Rowan University- School of Osteopathic Medicine.
She’s on TV, we’re both on Fox 29 and she invited me to come by and shoot a few photos of her friends at her birthday party at one of my fav restaurants Ocean Prime. 
 Erika von Tiehl, Kate Bilo both from CBS3, with Jen and guest.

 Dennis Bianchi, Vice President and General Manager of WTXF FOX 29 (It’s kinda embarrassing to misplace my notebook on this entry since he’s kinda my “boss” over there at Fox; makes me look well disorganized or something. Oh well it happens.) Jen Groover, entrepreneur (I ran into her earlier in the day at the BenFM Luncheon which I wrote about yesterday.) Dr Jen, and Chris Blackman  Media/Communications (10 years as News Director at NBC10 til 2012)

Pa Ballet dancer Edward Barnes (Don’t miss the magic! December 7-29 at the Academy of Music.), Dr Jen and guest. I needed to run out the door lickedy split to catch the Blue Claw opening party, but heard such notables as Brittney Ship, Christine Madella, and Mike Jerrick arrived after I left.
Happy Birthday Dr Jen!!

Rob Molario, Chorus Communications and the outfit behind the winter dance classic: Hair of the Dog Gala. Coming up 1/18/14. Get your gowns on. Check out the Nicole Miller Men’s Night Out Event on 12/11/13. Then head to Chestnut Street between 17th and 18th for “Join donors are heroes for a fun shop night. Gift bags, champagne
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shops and finish at Ocean prime.”