Thanksgiving Thanks – A Note For The Troubled and Lonely during the Holidays….

My Family – missing here but not in our hearts Dad (1935 – 2004) and sister Judy (1960 – 2009)

Family, Policeman, Fireman, Non-Profit employees, Teachers, Doctors, Fireman, Nurses, Guileless People, Bosses who treat their employees with respect, the Military, Friends, People who live by the Golden Rule, People who work the soup kitchen, not only on holidays, but every day, Charities, People who understand that I might write about people, but I really stress charities, and the charitable works of others, my mentors, Michael Klein, Janine White, Leah Kaufman, anyone who has ever given me advice, Phyllis Halpern, my boyfriend Mike Toub – without his support there would be no HughE Dillon LLC, people who understand I am not a journalist, but someone chronicling Philadelphia life, people who don’t torture me when I spell something wrong, put it in the wrong tense or write me letters when I forget to mention it was their band that played at the charity event, now if you played pro-bono, then I would feel really, really bad, People who work on holidays, retail employees, servers, celebrities who want to be left a lone but their fans demand photos of them, Farmers – Don’t Gripe About Farmers With Your Mouth Full, Social Workers, Garbage Collectors, Anyone who had to deal with me when I was an alcoholic mess, my sponsors, Volunteers, Taxi Cab Drivers, especially the ones that aren’t on the cell phone or have their urine bottle on the front seat, MY EDITORS, you make me look so good, Philly Mag,, PhillyStyle, PhillyBusiness Journal, The Metro and every media outlet in Philadelphia that had me on this year especially Fox 29 and CBS3.
Thank You my Readers so much for this amazing ride I’m on, and the banner year I’ve had (between 7,000 and 10,000 of you read PCC ever day. That has always been the number I wanted.)

Happy Birthday to my sister Judy born on Thanksgiving 1960. Here’s a post on today that is dedicated to her. 

If you feel lonely or depressed this holiday season, please contact The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. There are people there that know what you are going through and can help.
Also if you’re lonely, and you want to meet friends, check out the various Meet Up’s in our areas. There are dozens and dozens of organizations with have members who have a similar interest as you. The bottom line is they want to meet other people too. I can’t stress how wonderful that organization is.
Finally if you have a substance problem, please check out the many AA, NA or OA organization in our area. If could save a life, your life.