Top Chef’s Travis Masar Working at Sampan – OMG I photographed him last month and well, er

OMG, since my bud Chef Jason Cichonski was kicked off of Top Chef, I really haven’t paid any attention to the show, sorry Nick, so busy. So I really didn’t know who was on or what was going on.

 Now I’ve come to find out via Eater Philly that the new chef at Sampan, that GM Michael Wirzberger told me about at the March of Dimes event in November, the one they hadn’t done a press release and NOW I KNOW WHY, Travis Maser was also on Top Chef. I photographed the pair last month at the March of Dimes event. That night I came down with the stomach flu and was a bit delirious as I ran out of the place, sorry Please Touch Museum stairs, yes that was me, I wasn’t in any shape to notify youse.  Anyway before all that happened I had taken a few shots of Sampan’s Michael Schulson who was being honored that evening along with my “boss” David Lipson.
(OMG that was the very last award, and now you know why there’s only one crappy photo of him.) When I got to the point of choosing photos for the column I had two of
Michael Schulson
that needed to go in and that was a lot of Sampan chatter, so I thought next time I’ll get
the new chef and my bud, Michael Wirzberger. Bummer that fish story got away.