Zarwin Baum, Mayor Nutter, and New York Consul General Hosted a Reception at The Union League

Zarwin Baum, Mayor Nutter, and New York Consul General
Hosted Reception Celebrating the Relationship between
Korea and the City of Philadelphia

Zarwin Baum co-founder and Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Korea,E. Harris Baum and Consul General Se-joo Son of New York will welcomed local legislators and business leaders to a Korean Night dinner and networking reception at the Union League of Philadelphia. Attendees experienced Korean culture and celebrated the thriving relationship between Korea and the City of Philadelphia.

Korean Consul General Se-joo Son and Harris Baum

 Kristine Kroll and Eunice Lee were busy checking people in
 Susan Choi, Barbara Chadwin and Honee Chung
 Judy Yoo, Norman Zarwin, Ted Schaer, Carl Cherkin, Vice President,
Business Relations, Philadelphia Union, and Councilman David Oh 
Councilman Oh,
an attorney at Zarwin Baum, is currently the leader of the new City
Council Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative
Economy. One of the goals of the Committee is to support international
initiatives for retaining and attracting overseas investments.  Due to
him being the first Asian American City Councilman in Philadelphia,
there is a natural interest from Korean and other Asian communities to
develop a closer relationship with his office and the city of
 Marc Neff, Judge Roxanne Covington and Michael Gillespie
 Hon Consul Michael Scullin, Harris Baum, Judith Haffaker, John Juffaker, and Hon consul Erik Torp
 Jin Hee Park and Wha Park
 Gyunyl Shin , Insook Seol, Oh Won Lee, Jong Sook and Young Heo
Joo Hoon  

With the recent passing of the U.S.- Korea Free Trade Agreement, there exists new business opportunities for Philadelphia and it’s sister city.
 Korean Consul General Son Sejoo

 The traditional Korean dance was amazingly performed by three ladies, one of whom kept perfect beat on the drum as these two women performed an entertaining dance.
 Megan Smith, Brownstone PR, Jin Hee Park, Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown and Stacey Kracher.

Historically, Philadelphia and Korea share deep ties. From Dr. Philip Jaisohn’s campaign for Korean
independence to the many companies currently invested in Pennsylvania,
the nation’s relationship with the Keystone state has been vital to
fostering mutual prosperity and ensuring a better future for coming