The Always Entertaining Philadelphia Style Magazine Holiday Party 2013

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I love love love the Philly Style Magazine Party. Since I am a contributor to so many awesome media outlets, but not an actual employee it’s rare I get invited to their parties, BUT Philly Style Mag always invites me to their party, not only to shoot the red carpet, but as a guest with a plus ONE. I brought my mentee/friend Ian. What a fantastic year we both had, and what a great place to celebrate with our friends. He and I both have big news coming in the New Year, as we bring fun, fashion and freshness to your lives.

The party was held at Trust, or as we all know it by it’s street name – The Real World House of Philadelphia. So many good friends, and clients were at the event. The people that hire me and advertise with me so that I can bring all this fun to you. I’m really so grateful to everyone who allows me to shoot them, and tell their stories, even the few girls who write me in the wee hours of the night after a few cocktails, who do searches on their names, find their photos, think they look fat or ugly, and the asks me to remove them.

Dedicated to Elaine and Ryan, Ryan and Katie, Christie & Carl

But not with these people. The trusty team from CBS3: Jessica Dean, Chris May, Kathy Orr, Jim Donovan and Stephanie Stahl. Who stopped by on their way to work to bring us the 11 o’Clock news. Thanks to Chris May who stopped by my big birthday celebration in July.

John Colabelli, Publisher of Philadelphia Style Magazine

Beth Behrs is an American actress. She plays Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

 Papapaparazzi, ok technically these guys are celebrity photographers. Paparazzi photograph celebs not on the red carpet, but usually walking on the street, at the supermarket, tanning naked or cheating on their spouse. You know the photos we want to see and fund TMZ.
 Beth signs the PS Mag cover, unfortunately upside down. A rarity, probably worth a few extra molah on Ebay
 Gold shoes. She didn’t know what dress she had on and had her assistant look at the tag. I didn’t catch the name, but it was cute.
 Inside now.
 Random girls in the bathroom.
 Cashman Girls: Michelle Conron and Jill Asher with Noelle
 Random girls

Popito’s made the most delicious cake that my girls gave to me for my bday this year. The top of the cake resides at the Popito’s at Juniper and Walnut Streets

Erica Smitheman and contributor John Bolaris. John and I relished over a sweet tweet by Dan Gross recently
Brad Waxman, Sharon Phillips Waxman (Thank you both for hiring me for projects for your companies, Southern Wine and Spirits AND Phasion Phest), Michelle and Bruce Shannon.
Frankie Mancuso, Kristin Foote, and Nicole Cashman, (One of my best clients, thanks for everything this year.)

 Danielle Hankin and Alexander H Hankin. Last year he was all about The Great Gatsby. This year he’s channeling American Hustle with this very 70s chic look, and just a dash of hair peaking out from that undone top button

OMG so much to say here, but I have to run. I have a noon shoot.
OK come back later I have more to say. In the meantime enjoy this photos

Maria Feeley and Garden Logan
Buffy Elyse Harakidas, Davis Mauly, Mario Mazziotti and Brooke
The Valanni Crew – Paul Peverelle, Jenny Margaretta, Stephanie Alts and Chef John Strange
Elaine Grabar and Ryan Harford– Catch Ryan at the Media Theater is Anne Frank in January.
Renee Reese, and
Stacey Kracher, Allison Smith, Aida Sparta
Jin Hee Happy Birthday last month, and her hot lasses
Talented bloggers
Ian M Crumm and Jessie Holva  are exploding on the media scene with their columns and tv segments. Jessie has a great Publicist in Garden Logan who has guided her career, made the connections that helped her achieve the goals she desired.  You can now see Jessie regularly on Good Day Philadelphia. Who do you think I should mentor next?
Alisa Martino and Sabrina Tamburino Thorne
Eliana Raggio (with hubby Mike photo bombing on the left), Sue Anne Clark, Ani Semerjian and Carla Fisher
Joseph Natoli and Lauren Nelson
Rockstar Stylists at CL Studios – Johnny Wojtanowicz and Artvr Kirsh
Julie Dorenbos, Susie Celek, John Clark, NBC10 and Marisa Magnatta, WMMR
and santa’s helpers
Brooke, Buffy, State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Phila.), Danny Cevallos, CNN, and friend
HRH David Neff, Jenine Neff and Kelly Alexander. Neff & Associates recently won the PR Daily & Ragan’s inaugural ACVE Awards for Branding
Did I mention Cool Pixs & Phil Andrews was in the house. Thanks to them for providing a photo booth at my two parties this year, and for being a long time advertiser.
Guest, Peter Mason, Geno Vento, Geno’s Cheese Steaks, Shaun Paul Costell, Casey Paul, Matthew Nadu, Kristen Radcliffe

Amber Rosenberry, David Luca BTD USSA and Alcairt Corblett (It’s important I can read your writing) get decked out and are ready for their close up.

David Alexander Jenkins and Lisa Moreno-Dickinson
DJ Dan Cronin, next up for Dan is the Hair of the Dog. The best party of the winter under $300 ticket
Thank you Hair of the Dog for consistently advertising with me year after year.
Vasiliki Tsouris, Marisa Magnatta, Noelle, Kristen Detterline, Ryan and Katie vavavavoom in that sexy dress English
Nicole and Charles Paloux are excited to jet off to Paris for the holidays.
New hair style, new you, Tony Piazza. Is this the year the good looking playboy settles down?
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Then my BFF’s and I headed over to Rouge for a little night cap and re-cap.
Christie Honigman, Katie, Ryan, Julia Murphy, Alexander Hankin and Ian M Crumm. 
Thanks for all your support for My blog go over 1.6 million hits in 2013, and it’s all because of you. Thanks