Philadelphia Snow Predictions by the local weather peeps, and who is predicting the most snow!

All the weather peeps know I admire what they do, and we’re friends. I’m just a weather geek compiling info as I saw it happen over the past few days. That being said, here are the latest readings as of 11PM for Janus or as I would like to call it the Chris Christie Inauguration Day storm.

Mike Masco, ABC2 Baltimore called this snow early, I think it was Saturday night. I screen shot it at that time because it was the first I heard of snow for this week. Then finally on Saturday/Sunday AM something popped up on the weather channel  about 3AM, and all they said was flurries. Even this morning they were only predicting 1 – 2inches of snow, but they didn’t give the storm a name yet.

 Hurricane Schwartz was the first local weather person to call for a little more than a dusting with his prediction on Sunday of  1 – 4 inches of snow, while others, including the Weather Channel were still at 1 – 2 inches.
Finally late this afternoon they gave this storm a name, and it’s as
ridiculous as the other ones. What’s wrong with just calling it the day
after MLK 2014 storm, or ya know Gov Christie Inauguration storm. No
this storm is named in honor Janus: The Romans named the month of
January in his honor. Janus presided over the beginning and ending of
conflict, and hence war and peace.
at 5PM he went to 6 – 10 inches of snow. Remember about 5-6 years ago Hurricane wanted to name the storms, but that lasted for one weather season.
Here are the 11PM 1/20/14 predictions for #Janus or Gov Christie storm.
We have just increased snow totals for tomorrow’s storm – with the high ratios, we expect at least 6″ for much of the area.
Monday Morning :
Ready for snow? WINTER STORM WATCHES posted 4am-10pm Tues for most of area (counties in blue.) 3-6″ of snow expected
Then the weather models began agreeing on the track
New GFS (computer model) run in. We are adjusting our timetable AND expected accumulation map (up.) New info on at 11
6ABC – 5 – 10 inches
 Fox 29 is calling 4 – 8 inches and the wildcard +
 John Bolaris comes in at 11PM with his prediction of 7 – 11 inches. I’m glad he’s found an outlet for his weather. He gets excited about the weather, he’s over the top, he’s cocky, he’s confident and he’s also been fairly accurate this whole season. He is the only weather forecaster that predicted 30 inches of snow this winter season (most forecasters said 15 – 20 inches of snow); with this storm it should put us in the range. Check out his detailed forecast here.
 Hurricane Schwartz has to be the 2nd most excitable weather person in Philly. You could tell during the 6PM newscast he wanted to tell us of the new predictions of 9-14″ of snow, but he was waiting for all the models to align. By 11PM they did for him.
 I love Live Weather Blogs for their discussion on weather. It’s like chatting about the weather around the water cooler, and since I work from home it’s perfect.

Mike Masco, ABC2 Baltimore says 8.4 for Philly.
Let’s review:
NBC10 Hurricane Schwartz – 9 – 14″
Live Weather Blogs: 10-14 inches of snow
John Bolaris, Phillydotcom – 7 – 11″ 
Weather Channel – 6 to 10 inches 
 6ABC Cecily Tynan – 5 – 10″
Kate Bilo CBS 3 – 5 – 10″
Scott Williams ‏Fox 29 – 4-8″
This blog will be updated in the morning.