Party Pics: Young Professionals Across Philadelphia Networking event at the Phila Art Museum

Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesday Nights are casual, exciting, and illuminating every week. Which set the tone for 

 Megan McNeely, Emily Gerstell and Gina Crivelli
 Nicole Johnson, Co-chair of PMA Young Friends, and Anne Gwal, Associate General Counsel at Pepco Holdings Inc.
 Amanda Buonpane and Kristy Webb
Rose Plummer, Katelyn Hufe, Eileen Murphy and Patrick Murphy
Rich Levering and Sarah Schuenemann
Guest,  Ashley Brindigi and Maureen Hiller from the United Way
 Julie Drezner, Amanda Garlen and Melanie Goslee
 Melissa Page and Sarah Schuenemann
Hillary Naiberk, Rich Levering and Jillard Reilly

 Quron Bank and Crystal Johnson
 Shariff, Jeff and Brendan
 Edward Mesarosh, Rachel Sigman and Gideon Gradman
 Katie Griffin and Emily Gersteil
Kelli Moore, Christina Cardinal, and Brittany Borden
 Joel Fatemayer, World Affairs Council

 Andrew Eron, The National Museum of American Jewish History.
Check your schedule for some fun upcoming events for the NMAJH and their thriving organization Young Friends of NMAJH
 Sandy Das and Carol Carty