Eat Pretty With Jolene Hart at Anju Threads at 1126 Walnut St

Eat Pretty With Jolene Hart at Anju Threads

The event was held at Anju Threads, a
threading salon at 1126 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. 

 Jolene Hart with her book “Eat Pretty”
There was a nice spread via WholeFoods with delicious treats.
Anju Treohan (l), told me that that there is no sewing involved in
threading of eyebrows, which I thought did. Thank god, I’d be sweating
through that process.

 Many guests were on hand, and I’d have their names if I didn’t lose that notebook. Granted the next day was my bday so I was verklempt that week.
The always stunning Kharisma McIlwaine was there.
 The paparazzi were on hand to catch the action
Emily Tharp, was tweeting up a storm and pretty in green: Jamillah of was snapping for her blog.

 Thanks to Skai Blue Media for the invite to this unique event.