On The Town With HughE Dillon – Logan Square Tear Down Video – Absolute Abstract To Go on Permanent Vacation

I used to have a gossipy column at PhillyMag with that title, before I got into the “society” photos. I Think going forward when I cover a larger area of Center City and not just say Walnut Street, I’ll use that title. I know how confusing I keep changing that branding. At 7 years I’m still learning what works. Anyway it’s in these columns I’ll drop some fun news, tidbits, updates etc.

 Yesterday I Instagramed a photo and chatted about getting a quick tour inside City Tap House (You’ve read about it: Public House on Logan Square becoming a City Tap House). I was on my way to the dentist and one of the owners of the Public House franchise introduced himself and invited me in, as I passed by. Sure I can be late to the dentist, I definitely want to see inside. Of course he said no pictures and of course I complied. Don’t want to piss off my occasional client, especially if I want to be hired for the opening night party, anyway. Here’s my instagram of the photo and then a nice gal left a link to a video of the tear down.

I will say they have gutted the whole building, including bathrooms and kitchen. The bathrooms with now be 12 unisex ones with a communal washroom. There will be a long chef’s table, two elevated areas, a private rental room, and two bars, one super incredible bar with a display of the craft beer they serve. I’m really stoked for this project. I love the University Tap House, but it just wasn’t a place I had a chance to visit much. Oh and did I mention the windows, they’ll be able to open wide. So excited.

Back in June I Instagramed about their new outdoor dining and color scheme.

Absolute outta here

James F. McManaman and David White announced yesterday at the Midtown Village meeting that they are closing up shop and moving to Thailand for a new opportunity.  David will be left behind to sell the house and that terrific store Absolute Abstract. Who in Center City doesn’t have artwork from their store in their house.

James was the first president of the Midtown Village Merchants organization. He’s one of the people that coined the word Midtown Village. Originally the area was called “Blocks Below Broad,” or “B3″ by developer Tony Goldman, who bought up most of the block to redevelop. James and Gyro Worldwide advertising agency worked together to rebrand it Midtown Village and the name stuck. (Save the date: 10th Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival 10-4-14)

Absolute Abstract Art LLC is available for the right person, to take it
over and keep it going. If you know of anyone who is interested in
having a turn-key retail/corporate art consulting business, please
forward them my contact information. I also have a dreamy, Penthouse
Villa for sale in South Philly which will hit the market in a few weeks. Info:

Work to restore the fire-damaged firehouse at Fourth and Arch is almost finished. The man on site said it should be open by Labor Day.