Another in a series of What Philly Did this Weekend on Instagram & FB for that matter. Some of these are actually from today cause I was hanging out with Miley peeps all weekend, Miley stood me up. More on that tomorrow in my celebrity round up.

Some NBC10 gals headed to Boston: Christine Maddela, Brittney Shipp and Jacquie London
 Erin Como is vising for the week. What is this #100DaysofHappiness and can I start on anyday or do I have to wait til everyone is through their 100 Days. Mine’s easy. I’m doing what I love, there done.
 I forgot we planned dinner 100 days ago but I made other plans. Missed our annual dinner with Erin Como, Jillian Mele and Sheena Parveen (& Justin Pizzi)
Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick is on his way to Mexico for his daughters wedding.
WTF, frustrating, Facebook is no longer current in their news.

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2014 Sept 16-20!!!!
 Doug Kammerer and kids

Mural on 13th Street above Sampan. Do you see how the ivy is trimmed on the far left side. It’s so you can see the artists name.
 Congrats to  Nik the Web Chick & Mix 106’s mornings new digs
 Check out Spruce Street Harbor upcoming on FYI
It’s a great place to hang around
 Miley’s look a like back up singer

 One of DC’s best looking
 Congrats!! David Devan, General Director & President of Operaand David Dubbeldam
Love this description for the Phila Opera Gala 9/12 “a recital by
Stephen Costello and Ailyn Perez (aka the Jay-Z and Beyonce of opera)”
 What I love and hate about HQ Night Club
 TI is in town today and Trouble Man is going to visit Meek Mill
While Mr Mike Vick is at football camp, Kijafa Vick is keeping the beach hot. Tomorrow we’re chatting about celebs in the City, and Wednesday is #woofwoofwednesday with some of Philly’s finest dogs