#WoofWoofWednesday The Cutest #Philly Pets on Instagram this past Week

I live in a building where we’re not allowed to have pets, so I take joy at looking at everyone elses’ joy.

See Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek at the PhillyMan launch at next Tues the 12th? Get your tickets before they sell out!
List of Attendees they told me were confirmed:
Ron Jaworski
Sal Paolantonio
Brian Propp
Jason Thompson
George Anastasia
Joe Pisarcik
Jon Runyon
Mike Mamula
Gary Cobb

Dawn Stensland Mendte
John Clark
Gervise Peterson
Sam Carchidi
Harry Donahue
Steve Ward
Phil Andrews
 Feel free to send me a photo of your boo and I might feature it here.

 Miley Cyrus and Emu in bed in NYC before Philly’s concert Saturday. Oh I still need to write about the Miley weekend. It’s like my Katy Week, Casper the friendly ghost.
 The season wrapped for Frankenfood and we’re waiting to hear if it’s been picked up again
Is that a pig in a skirt, I think it is!