The Quest: Meet the Paladins: Lina Carollo and Jasmine Kyle Screening Party at Casa Carollo, Marlton NJ

Philly has two local residents participating in ABC’s new reality show “The Quest”
Jasmine Kyle from Media, PA (l), and Lina Carollo (r), a Delran school counselor, survived the first round of ABC’s The Quest, which debuted
Thursday night and will be on tonight with a fresh episode at 8PM. They attended a screening party at Casa Carollo, which
is owned by Lina’s parents. The party was sponsored by Golia Vodka
 Guests were treated to a three course dinner
and all the action of the new reality show which is similar to
Survivor, where people get voted off and a Renaissance fair, as it’s set
in the middle ages. The 12 contestants find themselves immersed in a fantasy storyline complete with clothing to match the time, there are castles, horses, knights and
 Rosanna, Brianna, and Sabrina Repsher with Lina’s proud mom Serafina Carollo
 Mr Ravobaldo and Ms K
 Lauren Nelson, Cara Burke, Christian Siciliano, Mac Varalli, Jamie Roth and PS Schwartz
 Jeff , Ciaran and Jasmine Kyle (Jasmine met her knight in shining armor at a Renaissance Fair. Obsessed
with Tolkien growing up, the self-proclaimed horse geek writes her own Lord of the Rings fanfiction.) Follow her on Twitter as she gives you insider tidbits
 Christian Siciliano and
Lina Carollo

 Neil Diamond and Lina

 Stacy Costa, Sophia Licciardello, Emily Licciardelloand Laurie Licciardello
 Courtney Tiffany, Elaine Battaglia, and Maria DiPietro (Wearing my fav shirt.)
 Michael and Jessica Daddino
 Alexandra Cole, Melissa Hoey and Kim Sencaurige
Christian Siciliano, Cara Burke, and Jon Burke
 Jillian Hickey and Lisa Hickey
 Mike Klein, Mitch Ott, and Nicholette Olson
 Jenn Goetzinger and Ayana Hicks served complimentary Golia Vodka to the guests.
Tune in tonight to see who will survive The Quest.