After a long winter, spring drought of celebrities, Katy Perry blew it out of the water for me.

I was on Fox 29 on Monday chatting Miley Cyrus who didn’t stay in Philly,

but her whole team did, dancers, assistant, stylist and band stayed at Hotel Monaco.

She drove down from NYC and after the concert drove back except to take a pee on the NJ Turnpike.

 Wednesday I was on Fox with the Katy Perry concert stories, and that infamous pizza outfit at the Rocky Steps. Both nights Katy announced that she’d be going somewhere. One of the places, the fame Art Museum Rocky Steps. She was dropped off at the top, I hope she got a photo, then was greeted by fans at the bottom. She was amazing how she really took her time posing for photos. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I took the following shots from raising my arm over the open limo door and shooting it “Hail Mary”, meaning I had to guestimate how they would fit in the frame. I have several shots of the top of their heads, but by the grace of God I got the ones I needed. 
The ones of her in the mob weren’t good as you couldn’t see the pizza onesie.

Even though these photos are all over the internet, they will still be picked up by the magazines and will run week of August 18. (That’s the door on the left)

I wouldn’t have been able to do all this without a team of like minded people, fans and other photographers that I call my friends. I usually only see them during this celeb jaunts, and it’s always nice spending time with them, even the 5 hours we waited at the hotel she wasn’t at as we got bad info. But we had already spent 2 hours at another hotel the night before, until a doorman came on duty at midnight, recognized me from Fox 29 and told me she wasn’t at that hotel.

She arrived on Monday via private plane with close
friends, and her dog, she drove directly to the venue arriving at 4PM. She stayed at the Rittenhouse Hotel. On Tuesday she walked the dog in Rittenhouse
Square, then went for a bike ride around the City, and had a bite to eat
at Hip City Veg, I hear.

 Before we found her at the Rittenhouse Hotel rumors were rampent at other hotels saying she was staying there. We spent 5 hrs at one hotel, then 1 hour at another. The vigils ended at both places when doorman recognized me, and said she wasn’t staying there. I should have done less hiding across the street at the first hotel and could have called it a day earlier. (The car door and body of car can be seen here.)
 The only negative tidbit: When Katy arrived at the Mutter Museum, at the 5PM closing time on Wednesday, she didn’t stop to take a photo with the lone 10 year girl there (with her parent), and the little girl burst out in tears. It got worse when her bodyguard wouldn’t take the artwork she created. Katy was clever,  
while we all waited at the back door near her arriving SUV, another one picked her up at the front door.

This was her sweet ride from Secret’s Limo. 
(They’re friends and former advertisers for about 3 years. PS they never shared info w/me)

 But that being said, look what she did for the hundreds of fans that were at the Art Museum on Tuesday night. Just Amazing.

Thanks to Molly Eichel of Philly Daily News for running a photo of Katy Perry’s dad, Keith Hudson in her column on Wednesday. And for linking to my blog and Katy Perry coverage. Also thanks for the links Crossing Broad and CBS 3.

It’s always great to meet so many of my readers.