Jimmy & Johari Rollins Make Donations Under the New “J-Roll Healthy Helping” Campaign

Thursday the Jimmy & Johari Rollins prepared
“Summer Candy” ie fresh fruit – cantaloupe, watermelon, sugar babies, with nutritionist Ali Shapiro, at the New
Kensington CDC Garden Center
(NKCDCGC). Thursday’s event was to kick off The Rollins Family Foundation partnership
“J-Roll Healthy Helping” with The Food Trust, SHARE Food Program and St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children
Farm to Families Initiative which are all committed to providing fresh food and
education to those families most in need. The Kensington CDC Garden Center is a
distribution center for healthy farm fresh produce for the neighborhood, which
can be purchased by the box weekly. The Rollins Family Foundation is dedicated
to giving families in need access to fresh food and nutritional education. Find
out more at
Jan S. ShaefferPresident  St. Christopher’s
Foundation for Children,  Johari Rollins,
Ali Shapiro, Jimmy Rollins
take questions from the kids from Shissler Summer


Jimmy Rollins doesn’t like cantaloupe, and found someone else among the campers that is on his team.

Jimmy Rollins challenges Christian Konstantinidis to a cantaloupe
eating contest. Neither of them like the fruit, and they only got to the 2nd
piece before they both gave in.

The Rollins Foundation and J-Roll’s Healthy Helping presented
St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children with a $10,000 donation to help
expand access to healthy, affordable food. Amba Kosango, Jamiliyah Foster, program
director at St Christopher Hospital, Jan Shaeffer, Johari Rollins, Jimmy
Rollins, Mina Sabet and Ali Shapiro, Nutrionalist/Author

 Jimmy hands out signed art work to the kids

Aubrey Cokrane gives Johari a Shessler Camp T-shirt

Camper Shamus Maguire takes a #Selfie with Jimmy
Jimmy Rollins, Jan Schaeffer and Johari Rollins with two of
the farm fresh boxes that residents can purchase at the NKCDCGC.