ONE DIRECTION AND FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER – Where were they, what’d they do.

One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer performed two sold out shows at Lincoln Financial Field this week. I went, it was great fun to meet the fans and see the show but next time I must wear ear plugs; louder than you could ever imagine. Here are a few photos of what transpired this week.

While in town 5 SOS ate a lot of cheese steaks. On the first day they hit up both Geno’s and Pat’s. 
After performing at Q102 and their meet and greet,
A member of 5SOS waves to the fans below in the Q102 Parking lot.
they headed to Steve’s at 16th and Chestnut.
 An interesting back story here is a few fans tried to follow the band from Q102 to see where they would go. The driver caught on and tried to loose them by going on the BF Bridge to NJ. When he got to the other side, 5SOS made a u turn and went right back over, going through EZPass, the fans they had to pay cash and they lost them.

Then while they were eating their steaks, my friend Mollie Dronson, who was going from the Four Season’s to Palomar trying to find 1 Direction, stumbled up the band eating at Steve’s and got the above photos.

The fans in all the other cities the “Where We Are” tour were as fanatical as they were in Philly. That’s why I knew it would be great to follow this story for two days.
5 SOS takes the stage. They were discovered by Louis from One Direction, who tweeted that his followers should follow them. Then 1D took a financial interest in the under 20 boy band and now 5SOS is gaining popularity as well. They’re from Australia, and are known for not wearing matching socks.

Harry Greets the Fans

One Direction Sings Happy Birthday to a fan
Did you hear about the brides. Folks would dress up for their wedding day and then One Direction would call them out and ask them to marry them. Then you would have bragging rights, more than Taylor Swift too: Harry asked me to marry him. See below for my Fox 29 segment about it.

Michelle G met Harry in DC at their hotel. This couldn’t happen in Philly cause 1D stayed on their tour buses inside the fence at Lincoln Financial Field. Kinda sucked our people didn’t have a chance to meet them.
One Direction sings Prince of Belaire in a nod to Will Smith, then sings “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”
 Parents waiting outside for their kids.

 The Cake Boss family with One Direction. One Direction also granted 6 meet & greet wishes through the “Make A Wish Foundation”. On Thursday the boys had their first taste of Tastykake’s, Harry Styles and Niall Horan loved them and took a box back to their dressing room. Harry Styles also loved the Cannoli’s from Termini’s. When he saw them he said “Oh what are they called?”
Remember this fan who made big news with the above photo. His name is David,

 and that’s him waving at me outside the Four Seasons.
5SOS arrived back at the hotel about 10PM. The fans still holding out hope thought One Direction would be coming back from the concert too. The barricades were put up and everyone got behind them.
The car door opened, screams ensued, and it was Yanni, who’s been in the area rehearsing his upcoming shows nearby. Other people who came through the door over the passed few days Luke Butler, and Linken Park. 
 a few fans
 The fans lined up on Thursday to see 5SOS as they headed out to their concert.  Sad for them, the band left through the garage.
5 SOS headed to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and held a meet and greet with a few patients.

Harry Styles, One Direction, with his new Eagles Jersey. Not sure if he wore it on stage. With One Direction the only wire service allowed to shoot the band was Getty Images. Then the band would review the photos and allow them to release only the approved ones. This happens to me a lot, I’ve photographed for Beyonce twice and next week I’m shooting a country singer and he gets to approve my photos.

I love this advice, so funny.

5SOS used the public door twice, and used the Four Season’s garage twice

Niall Horan escaped to NJ on Thursday to play a round of golf at Trump in Pine Hill

This week I noticed on Twitter a few celeb hotel names pop up. For the most part it’s an aggregate site of fans sightings, which is good. The bad news, they got the hotels wrong. The above pix is The Four Seasons and

The boys didn’t stay at the Omni. I drove by on Wednesday night and a lot of girls were sleeping on the sidewalk.

Mom’s were doing their best to get a sighting for their little girls.
But it was a great memory making day too. 25 years in the future “Mom remember when we spent two days in August looking for One Direction and 5SOS”
Uber fan Melissa Leonard has met many of her favorite idols. Her mom is persistent, and intuitive to figure out the best ways to find a solution in her business as well as make her daughter’s dreams come true. They found member of 5 SOS eating dinner in the Fountain Room at the Four Seasons, and that is how Madison got a photo of her and Michael from 5SOS

The Four Seasons was sold out as a lot of fans bought up the rooms months in advance so they would be able to wander the halls looking for their idols.

 Some fans are better sleuths than others, as well as lucky. I was still getting hit up on Friday for the boys hotel. All anyone had to do was a little research to see where the majority of the fans were waiting. Unfortunately for the few who follow the celebrity hotel twitters, they waited at the wrong hotel and didn’t see anyone. The boys left the city right after their concert at the stadium and headed to NYC and stayed at a hotel. Are the Philly Fans so scary they couldn’t do that here?

In the meantime, head over to Philly Mag and read my column on Day 1 of the Boy Band Invasion
Here’s my segment on Fox 29 yesterday chatting about the boys of summer.
#1D told Philly UR best fans, but stayed on tour bus inside the Linc. They didn’t do that anywhere else Does Philly have a bad reputation with fans? BTW Thursday night they stayed in a hotel in NYC, Friday Harry Styles went to Soul Cycle in the morning to work out.