This year’s Philly Mag “Best of Party” was off the hook, and I’m not just saying that because I have the social column in the magazine, I’m saying it because it’s true.
Ever since they began offering tickets to the general public, beginning last year, they’ve really pulled out all the stops in throwing a great party. There was so much to do, see and eat at this years party, which was held at Citizen Bank Park. Very creative to have it in the cooridoor. Even though it rained and felt like fall, it was a great venue. Directing the guests to parking and the front door are Philly Mag interns extrodiners Holly Sargent and Lize Keefer

Sean Gavin and Maeve Gavin. Maeve works in the marketing department and can be thanked for putting on a great production. I had a record 30 photos in my column yestereday for the Best of Philly party. People always ask me why a photo went in, or why not. There’s lots of reasons, sometimes I take so many photos I miss the shot when I review at the end of the night, that would be what happened to Katie and Ashli below. I’ll probably submit them for the print magazine cause it’s a great shot, they’re smiling, and they’re adorable.
Ashli Mizell, Ashli Mizell Design and Katie Cavuto, chef/owner of Healthy Bites
 Daniel Fine, Kris Flynn and Mike Lautman
Sometimes I have better shots of the person, and I run that one.
 Jared Kerr, Dena Giusini, and Carol Skaziak won for best pampering of pets at the  Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas. Sometimes I have similar shots of others and I just have to make a decision on which to run. I love this shot, but I had a similar one and I do have a posed shot of the threesome that I might run in the print issue.
 Brad Maule proudly shows off the amazing Philly Mag article girlfriend Liz Spikol (Properties at wrote about her childhood in Philadelphia, and the iconic locations and experiences she misses.
 More fun peeps and Philebrities in my Philly Mag column.
The best way to get in any of my columns is to not shame me in not remembering your name, I have a bad memory. For the lady who did it the other night, she’s banned for life. I’ll never shoot her again, unles someone I work for explicitly says to.

 Edward Jay, Liz Welsh, George Shotz and Rebecca T cost you guys a chance to be in PhillyMag cause well we just can’t do a “T”.
 Sorry I don’t like the word corn hole, I will always refer this to the term bean bag toss.
For the most part everyone is awesome; it’s difficult for me to exclude people from my outlets. That’s probably one of the reasons I have so many, I want you to be in my columns, I appreciate that you want to be. Thanks!!
 Snow Cones – Sherrie Sudler and Eric Morgan (When you appear on PCC, you are still eligible to be in the magazine, especially since I have your contact info.) I should have had them lower the snocones a little. It drove me crazy they were so high.
 There was Plenty of good food at the party. Get it, Plenty, Plenty is the name of the restaurant, hmm you probably can’t see that on his shirt. Nevermind.
 The Zarwin Baum Crew.
They’re all in a Philly Mag column that runs sometime this week.

 Jean Michel Gatsby, Larry Giuffa, Replica and Sarah Laffen
I just had Larry in the print magazine not too long ago.
Claudia Gavin and Kirk Huffangle (I shot them cause they are fashionable adorable, they didn’t run not because she works there, which I discovered after shooting her but because I couldn’t read my own handwriting for his name.
Alyse and Noah Markel. Loved her outfit, did run them cause she works at PM, but I think she was the best dressed of the evening.
 Marc Oppenheimer, Parx Casino, Andrew Greenblatt, PFS and his brother Marc Greenblatt
Shake Shack is always so good to me. They always say hi HughE, and they make me a double scoop. That’s love.
Leigh Rubin and Scott L Shuster watch the fireworks. I like this photo a lot, but I didn’t have the couples name on the left so I didn’t run it.