#WoofWoofWednesday and Storm Shots from Last Night

OMG so busy this week forgot to grab lots of pets for Woof Woof Wednesday. I just discovered people seem to only post their pets on the weekends. So I’m going to throw in a few storm pixs from last night. I just finished a column for Philly Mag about their fabulous Best of Party last night. Now I’m running out to shoot 5SOS at Q102, then will be at the One Direction hotel with the fans. I love doing that. Then I’m going to the concert, someone was so nice to give me a ticket to hang in their box. Check out Philly Mag later for the pixs from the party. I could only publish 25 of the 200 I took. Tomorrow I will put more on PCC. Thanks HughE

Zac Posen’s dad lives in Buck’s County and he goes there every weekend.