… comes home to Roost – Boutique Hotel Opens in Center City

A few months ago I tweeted that two boutique hotels would be opening in Center City in 2014. One has come home to Roost and it’s called The Roost. 


It’s located at the corner of 15th and Chestnut Streets in the 1920s-era Grande Building which also houses Del Frisco’s Steak House.

 (Pixs by Matthew Williams)
 This is the lobby of the Grande, it used to be a marble, but the developers decided to cover up it up to make it seem more modern to reflect the branding of The Roost. At first they thought to build a slight wall in front of the original wall, but working with The Honigman Group and Replica Creative they came up with an adhesive coverup that is easily taken off. What a great idea to do, you can do it in your house instead of painting too. (And they’re my advertisers too so I like them.>>)