L:INKS: Did I Take Your Photo This Week

Hey guys, who said the summer would be slow, it wasn’t for me. I haven’t run a few columns, this is a lot of run on sentences. One is the HA Winstons reunion, I will probably next week. Sexy Singles another one that got away. Then there’s Joan Shepp, Monday in Philly Mag, then more of the photos in PCC sometime next week. There were a lot of people there, it was a great party, one of the best small non charity events of the year with lots of beautiful people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Joan Shepp is a trailblazer, always. I always tell my subjects to come here to find their photos. Here are photos from last week. As for Diner en blanc, I will put the links up on Saturday. Thanks

OK here’s links to parties I covered this past week. 6 columns on my other outlets this week, as well as 5 on PCC, not bad for one guy. (Not including the ones I’ll be doing today, Friday)
So excited for my vacation on Saturday. Even though I’m not in town I’ll still have columns on PCC & that Joan Shepp one in Philly Mag.

Geek Awards in

A Midsummers Eve at the American Jewish Museum in Philly Mag

Geek Awards in

Demeco Ryan’s Foundation at Treemont

Country Singer Brett Eldredge at the Philadelphia Zoo

Paper Dress Fashion Show at Tabu