MeltKraft Grilled Cheese & South Street Bagels moving to 17th And Chestnut Street

Finally this will be history…

Our favorite grilled cheese sandwich place, MeltKraft is planning to open a 2nd location here at 17th and Chesnut Streets (46 S. 17th Street, next to my other fav sandwich place Jimmy John’s), across from Shops of Liberty Place. They currently have one at the Reading Terminal. 

  Meltkraft went before the art commission this morning to get their new sign approved. I have no idea how that CashWell sign every got approved I’ve always cringed when I saw it.

Michael Klein  Philly Insider fills us in about the MeltKraft move and history.


BTW Destination Maternity is leaving Walnut Street and heading to the Shops of Liberty Place in the old Joan Shepp location.
Also going in at my old fav sushi place Miya is Chestnut Street Bagel (These guys also own South Street Bagel).
Nordstrom Rack has put the signs up. 
They open on 10/24/14
Forever 21 is going between Nordstrom Rack and Sephora. Sephora told me they’re excited, even though Forever 21 sells make-up, “it’s not the same” a sales person told me.