Saks Fifth Avenue Fete’s Elizabeth Wellington on her new Column: Trendlots

A few Sunday’s ago friends, family and readers gathered at Saks 5th Avenue on City Avenue

to celebrate
our friend, Elizabeth Wellington, fashion writer at Philadelphia Inquirer. Elizabeth already writes a compelling, informative column on fashion in the Wednesday edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer
and now has a new fun, vibrant column called “Trendlots” in the Sunday issue. Trendlets, its part of the new Live, life love section in the Inquirer.
Bruce Segal and Charisse Nelson
Katie Zackon, Sue Mills and Tracey Leinin – The Griffin Gives Foundation
Jennifer Pineda, Olivia Pineda, Lucas Pineda and aunt Elizabeth Wellington

Toni Crawford and David Rose
Margaret Wellington and Eileen Tognini
Delicious parfaits
Charisse Nelson, Taylor Augustine, Elena Safin and Ursala Augustine

Gorgeous Terri Matthews, Jaden’s Dream Foundation. (She’s rumored to be on the new Philly Real Housewives show)
Guy on the scene Garrett Snider was spotted at the shindig, next to him Terri Matthews, Jamie Young Joffe and Hope Cohen.
Jamie Young Joffe
Spotted in the crowd fashionista Anthony Henderson.
Anne Marie Green (CBS This Morning) and Elizabeth Wellington.

Also today, Michael Klein from has a new column in Philly Daily News, he’s has a long time column in Philly Inquirer. For the 3 years my photos appeared in his now retired “Inglings” column in Philly Inquirer. Congrats to Mike.