We wear purple beads to say we are a survivor and we are glad to be here.

I read today of another young person who took their life, I went to their FB page and I saw the out pouring of love and shock from their friends. I wonder are we doing enough out there to tell people, kids, the depressed, that they are loved, they are wanted, they will be missed if they leave us.

 On October 5th, nearly 5,000 people walked in the memory of their loved ones who left us too soon, nearly 10 percent of them walked in honor of themselves, survivors of the negative message some of us allow to seep into our souls and cause us to think the world is a better place without us.

There was a group of Penn Students there walking for all their college peers who have committed suicide over the past few years, notably Madison Holleran who killed herself nearly a year ago by jumping off of the parking garage at 15th and Spruce.

 Participants were able to grab a pin and write their loved ones name on it and wear it proudly.

 There was a beading station where folks could create bracelets with their loved ones name on it.
 We wear beads to represent who has died, a parent, sibling, loved one or friend. We wear purple beads to say we are a survivor and we are glad to be here.

 The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is pleased to honor AFSP
Regional Director Patricia Gainey (below left) and AFSP Supporter Craig Robinson with
Trailblazer Awards 

at its fifth annual Masquerade Ball to be held
November 15, 2014. (Pax Tandon, Positive Psychology Expert leading the stretching exercises.)

AFSP Masquerade Ball

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM (PST)

King of Prussia, PA

 A young man talked of his struggles and how he is winning at life today.
 They walk in the honor of veterans, who put their lives on the line for our freedom.
 5,000 strong, from every walk of life, to tell you they care.


Catherine Siciliano (AFSP) with team leaders tell the participants who they are walking for…
 the stories that will break your heart
 and stories that will encourage you to go on.
 In the first year 25 people came to the walk, mid point they were at a thousand, now suicide awareness is out of the closet and we walk 5,000 strong.

 The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Philadelphia Chapter has done an amazing job to get the word out, but there biggest asset was bringing Garden Wellington on board as PR. Tragically Garden has been touched by suicide as her brother took his life a few years ago. She passionately got behind the AFSP and has been able to raise it’s profile to the point where the national board gave Philadelphia the prestigious Overnight Walk this past summer, where nearly 3,000 people came from around the world to walk 17 miles in 17 hours.