Century 21 Grand Opening Photos – Via Instagram – How bout that Champagne Gal?

OMG as timing would have it I was at the U of P emergency room taking care of the infection in my leg I have been complaining about for a few weeks now. Hopefully I’m on the mend now, I am on bed rest with my elevated leg for about 5 days (but I’ve hired photographers to cover the 8 events I couldn’t.) Seems I wasn’t supposed to be working or standing for more than 3 hrs a day the last time I went through this, last week.

So I’m missing some fabulous parties, ones I looked forward to for nearly 7 months, like the Century 21 store opening.

You’ll recall you read it here first over two years ago when I said the Gallery/Preit was looking to make the Gallery Mall more upscale. You laughed at me, you didn’t believe that a change would be coming. Well no one is laughing anymore, Century 21 has opened up and brought a little Manhattan to the dare I say it, Sixth Borough.

Soon Bloomies may follow. I hear they no longer want to be where Burlington
Coat Factory is (cause they weren’t allowed to tear it down and
rebuild), instead I hear they are planning to build a completely new
store behind the Gallery, tentatively at 10th and Race. I recently went by to scout a location and I do see someone dug a hole there, a big hole.

Love this champagne dress. So clever.
 Back to the Century 21 opening. I loved this “Royal Flush” mob where host Sabir Peele picked out a group of stylish men of Philly and they wore red accessories wheter it was a tie, pocket square, scarf etc.
 Sad to miss friends Kristy Sevag, Justin Pizzi and Kristin Detterline.

 Philly’s Photographer’s were on hand to represent Al For and Big Rube Harley.

 Sorry I missed Dallas Shaw, I heard she created a signature tote bag for the occasion.
 Josh Middleton from G Philly and Ticket at Philly Mag

 Cashman & Associates did a killer job at getting the word out about Century 21. Between social media, choosing fashion influencers to travel to the NYC store to get a feel about the product, 
to  engagements with the general public through pop up shops, 
it was an impressive campaign.
Influencers: Leah Kaufman and Ian M Crumm
 Frugal Philly Mom says look this book is 2/3 off.
 I’ve been thinking of starting something new here on PhillyChitChat on Friday’s. Fashion Friday’s. I’ll feature something fashionable whether it’s street style, fun stylish items and an occasional interview with a person. Something I never really did, but people always ask me to do them or they ask me about people who appear on these pages. I will also feature who someone who I think wore it well, and that someone this week is


2004 Daily News Sexy Single Jill Rizen (Henning) wearing Versace she picked up at Century 21. 

 Century 21 ‘s Hours after 10/28

The next big store opening happens tomorrow and that’s Timberland 
1709 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8
p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.