Recap: Toni Robbins Performs for Opera North

Last week Toni Robbins held a fundraiser to bring awareness to Opera North,

For close to 40 years, Opera North Inc., Pennsylvania’s oldest
African-American opera company, has continued to fulfill its vision by
presenting opera productions, recitals, concerts, and Black History
programs that feature celebrated and rising African-American composers
and performing artists, as well as providing an impressive array of
education and outreach programs. These community outreach programs
actively engage audiences across a wide range of ages while further
contributing to their cultural awareness, educational development and
quality of life experience.

David O’Connor Vice President and General Counsel for Delaware Investment Group and Toni  Robbins (she had a few clothing changes as only a performer should have.)
Cori Daggett, Nicoleta Maxim, Diedre Downes, and Kathy Fox.
Kyle Janovsky and Ross Rutman.
Toni Robbins get ready to perform.
Leslie Burrs Executive Director of Opera North.
Matt Calaero and David O’Connor Vice President and General Counsel for Delaware  Investment Group.
Anna and David Monahan.

Saniah Johnson and Craig Taylor.
The Delaware Investments team: Kyle Janovsky, Angie Butler, Toni Robbins , Destrian Wells,  Ross Rutman, and Kimberly Reddy.
 Destrian Wells, Ross Rutman, and Kyle Janovsky.
Toni Robbins
Angie Butler and Kimberly Reddy.

Toni Robbins wants to
Thank the Abita Brewing Company, The HUB and YOU for making this event a success!
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Check out Opera North’s latest project.
The first in a series of visual soundscapes, Autumn Journey uses music,
visual art and spoken word to portray the innovative changes happening
in the behavioral health field in Philadelphia, PA. Autumn is a
collaborative project between Opera North, Inc. and Citygate Films.

Thanks to PhillyChitChat’s Mike Hirata for shooting this event.