Party Pixs: Joan Shepp Celebrates the Launch of Brent Celek’s Revisit Line with a Cocktail Party

Last spring Philadelphia Eagles Brent Celek launched his men’s accessory line REVISIT. At first the brown leather bags, bracelets, journals, and arrowhead necklaces were only available online, but now you can find them at one of Philadelphia’s premier boutiques, Joan Shepp 1811 Chestnut Street. Wednesday night they held a launch party for the Texas-based REVISIT
collection which is made entirely in America by artisans in California, New
York, and Arizona. Prices for the hand stitched leather goods, ranged in price from $50 for a leather bracelet
to $1,400 for a weekend duffel bag, that fits in the overhead bin in an airplane.

I checked it out, it’s gorgeous and smells great. I have to confess my dream piece was a leather journal case, which could also hold an IPad, I’m gonna have to think about it at $250, plus it doesn’t fit in my camera bag. I tried it out. But it is gorgeous. 
Brent signing a shaving bag for a customer. 
For every item purchased, REVISIT donates
25% of profits to groups and organizations that work to restore and
preserve public spaces. The first space to prosper from REVISIT’s funds was to Independence National Historic Park, which went to buying a new fleet of bikes for park rangers who patrol the area ($5,000).
Brent Celek and Jamie Lilley
Co-hosting the evening was Emily Goulet, Philadelphia Magazine, here with her husband and Elyse Lupin, ‎Marketing Director at Philadelphia Magazine.

 Debra and Nathaniel Kitchen with Elaine Chakov of Joan Shepp

Sam, Weaver and Jamie Lilley, of the iconic Rittenhouse Square Friday, Saturday, Sunday restaurant. 

Tai Jones and Henry Simmons

Eric Weinstein, May, Jesse Weinstein and mom Ellen Shepp.

Joan Shepp carries one of my favorite jewelry lines – John Wind. I love, love love this necklace on the left-  $1,500.  Today starts his warehouse sale. Here are the deets:  December 5, 5pm to 8pm, and December 6 through 8, 10am to 3pm; John Wind Maximal Art, 200 Racoosin Drive, Suite 111, Aston

Another jaw dropping gorgeous item at Joan Shepp, these butterfly wing pumps. At the beginning of the season Joan Shepp carried 5 pairs, as of Wednesday night, one pair was left. They can be yours for $1,000. I hear they’re really comfortable; one lady wore them right out of the store. So I’d say the REVISIT line is right at home surrounded by lots of products of quality, substance, style and price. 

While we’re on the subject, this isn’t for sale, but it’s fantastic. It’s s gift from Moschino and is the most comfortable chair I’ve sat in of late.

Craft spirits for the evening were provided by Art in The Age, food from Prime Stache (if you didn’t know, that’s Celek’s restuarant located in Old City at 110 Chestnut.)

 and coffee by OX Coffee and served by Max Cudworth and Wil Gross.

 Kristin Haskins Simms (Project Runway Season 8) has been enjoying wedded bliss, and her son who is nearly 3 years old. She’s working on new products, and training new skills to veterans in regards to helping create her new line. Check out this bag created by surplus army jeans. Pretty cool I think.

Vince Grannetino and his niece Kristin Keane. You know when you hear that saying “If only I were a fly on the wall.” Well Vince knew me when I was a crazy 18 year old. I dated his roommate at the time, I was still living at home. It was the winter before I told my parents I was gay. What wonderful, crazy memories were stirred up when I saw him. He looks great, always debonaire.

Taylor Adams, Shannon McNeils and Jake Donnelly take a mirror selfie.

 Free gift wrapping with every purchase at Joan Shepp says Brian Kembel.

 Yoni Abiye, Al Azar and Sam Troy.

 Monica Direnzo, J Scott Catering and Marla McDermott – I Heart PHL.

Garrett Awad, Lafayette Kanrd and Brent Celek.
 Happy Holidays Joan Shepp‘s gorgeous window displays have returned. The move to Chestnut Street was a winner. Remember when I predicted that Joan Shepp would do just fine if she moved to Chestnut Street, well they’re doing much more than fine, they’re doing Shepp super.