I always enjoy the South Street Tree Lighting. The stores have a competition holiday window contests, some of which I have been tweeting about on my instagram. When reading this entry please play this song by  Good Girl – The Perfect Christmas (More on them below.)

My favorite window on South Street is the one that Hat’s in the Belfrey did. I hope they won the contest. I didn’t stay til the announcement. Anyway I did go long enough to get a lot of fun photos, and buy at least 8 presents, so there’s that.

On my way to the shambles at 2nd and South Street I ran into a few friends who were enjoying South Street including Brianna Adam and David Levenson, who were on their way to Thrift for AIDS to pick up a couple of ugly sweaters for a friends party next week. Then I ran into them again during the tree lighting.
Also enjoying South Street was NBC10 Anchor/Reporter Christine Maddela and Christopher Goss, GM Morton’s KOP hang with their friend Miguel Mendez (c) visiting from El Paso. He got the full tour of the City and every tree that has been put up and lit, the Rocky Stairs and Art Museum.
I finally made it to the South Street Shambles where the PHAIR market was hot and happening. There were over 30+ artists and crafters.
I love the message: Messy Eater? Wear tie dye, food stains become part of the design.
I bought 3 of these candles, they were unique and smelled good.
Pies, ice cream and cup cakes. Lovely Candles by Lois Dykes.

Sarah Merrick, Red Fox Gourmet with her delicious specialty popcorn.
Pet art.
Hot Chocolate
Thomas, Steinborn and Freda with their cookies.
Lisa Ulsey with her organically made candles.
Danielle Petoukhoff (designer of 5one7Designs) and her mom Nancy Petoukhoff.
The hottest group in Philly, and I predict someday the world
Good Girl perfomed for the crowd
a few cover Christmas songs
and an original Christmas song “A Perfect Christmas.” I’m so excited to see them at the beginning of their career because I really see them making it big. The blend of their voices is silky, smooth and satisfying. (Their PR is Antoine Johnson, House of Talent, and he’s done a really impressive job on getting them out there.)
Santa’s almost here.

He’s here, I love his goggles

The tree is adorable, but I didn’t stay to see it lit. The South Street Winter Festival is a full night of festivities and I had to head home to work.
Bridget Foy’s Restaurant Family

Good Girls with Santa

Happy Holiday’s from Santa and South Street.