Old Nelson Food Company to Open at Sterling Apartments

If you’ve walked by the Sterling Apartments at 18th and JFK Blvd. you’ll notice that it is undergoing a major renovation. They seem to have kicked out most of the retail rentals including my beloved 7-11 on the corner of 19th and JFK.

The renovation is long over due, and no doubt in anticipation of the new Comcast Tower being built a block away.

 I was wondering what was going to go into the space where the 7-11 was, which they have now taken over the store next to it to make it into a gigantic space. Last night after attending a private screening of Celebrity Apprentice with Kate Gosselin and Vivica Fox at the Comcast Center, I noticed that lovely orange sticker on the window. So excited as it indicates that Old Nelson Food Company, currently they have two locations one inside 30th Street Station and the other at 2000 Chestnut St . According to Yelp, they serve delicious sandwiches, treats from around the world, and they have takeout and a little grocery store. No word on when it will open, especially because the space is pretty raw as you can see.