Kate Gosselin, Vivica A. Fox #CelebApprentice Attended a Private Screening at Comcast Monday Night Hosted by The Neat Company

Actress Vivica A. Fox and reality star Kate Gosselin celebrated the premiere of “Celebrity Apprentice” at a private screening hosted by Comcast and The Neat Company at the Comcast Center Monday night.

“Celebrity Apprentice” returned to the airwaves Sunday night with 16 new celebs including  Ian Ziering , Kevin Jonas talk show hosts Geraldo Rivera and Leeza Gibbons, “Real Housewives of
Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville, Olympians Jamie Anderson and Shawn
, “The Deadliest Catch” star Sig Hansen, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, actor Lorenzo Lamas, former Miss USA Kenya
, former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, Major League Baseball
outfielder Johnny Damon, and Keshia Knight Pulliam, Rudy Huxtable on
“The Cosby Show.”
 Rafi Spero, a co-founder of Neat, Vivica A. Fox,  Jeff Dickerson, CEO and Chairman at The Neat Company, Kate Gosselin, and Evan S. Kramer, Chief Marketing Officer at The Neat Company

Both ladies were terrific when it came to posing with folks and fans. Here’s Kate with Jenn Choi, Vice President of Marketing at The Neat Company
I ran into old friends: Lucia Davis and Joanna Dissin.
Alison Tutelman, Rafi Spero and Brad Denenberg.
Anne Gove, Jeff Gove and Tracey Jones
David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President of Comcast Corporation VP Comcast is showing reality star Kate Gosselin how to search for her name
using the Comcast Voice Recognition Remote X1 by Xfinity.

Reality star Kate Gosselin and actress Vivica A. Fox with David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President of Comcast Corporation VP Comcast is showing them how to search for their names
using the Comcast Voice Recognition Remote X1 by Xfinity. Looking on is Jeff Dickerson, Chief Executive Officer, and John Demming, Executive Director Corporate and Financial Communications of Comcast. (This is the moment Kate’s biography and all the shows she’s appeared in appeared. Can I say it was hard to get a decent shot with both gals looking up with a decent look on their face, the one I submitted to my wireservice is better but I can’t use it here if I hope it gets picked up by the national media.)

  John Demming, Executive Director Corporate and Financial Communications of Comcast explains more about the X1 by Xfinity.
I love this photo, I’m a big selfie fan, meaning I love taking photos of people taking selfies. I’ve been collecting them for a year now. Soon I’ll be doing a post just on people taking selfies.
This is Danielle Cohn, Kate Gosselin, Vivica A Fox and John Demming.

Right before the screening several people greeted the guests as well as Mayor Michael Nutter. There was also a raffle for some great Neat Company products. What’s Neat Company: The Neat Company: desktop and wireless
scanners to help you transform your receipts, documents and business
cards into information that works for you. Plus you can store them on their cloud, or even your own. I need this, my life is a mess. My 2015 paper mess can’t be like what 2014 has been.

Then the show started. I tweeted how awkward Kate Gosselin is sitting about 10 feet from me. (you can see her leg on the right.)

The show started out messy, with everyone trying to find their way and
it looked like it wouldn’t end the way you hoped it would end as the
stars of the show are in the same room as you.

Even though Kate and Vivica knew who won, they were still thrilled when the winner was announced.

Neat donated $20,000 to Kate’s charity “Camp Barnabas,” during the show because
she was the project manager and won the Neat Challenge. At the viewing party, it was announced that Neat will be donating an additional $2,000 each to Camp Barnabas and Vivica A. Fox’s charity “Best Buddies International.” Neat Board member Ron Kaiser also
donated $5,000 apiece to each charity.

 Many of the Kate Gosselin fans on twitter yesterday were tweeting that Kate’s new beau was in the crowd. I didn’t see him, nor did I see the bodyguard. I told the twitter peeps I would put up random crowd shots to see if they saw him.

Comcast/Freelance Photographer Joe Kaczmarek got some great shots from this hard to shoot from angle.


Like this one. 

Vivica is rocking HerveLedger with Laboutin pumps she tweeted. Kate
looks fabulous, I wish I had asked her what she was wearing. I had no idea she had a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on her
ankle. The girls are obviously good friends and very respectful of each
other, so whatever might have transpired during the filming has waned.
Vivica is one feisty ie direct women, I imagine she’ll have a run in
with nearly everyone. I think after this filming she will be the
“breakout” star as was Joan Rivers was. Joan always said it was the
Celebrity Apprentice that revived her career. Kate she’s going to get
swept up and married after this show, she’s so smokin hot, and you
#KateGosselin people know I had a very public twitter fight with Kate in
2012, but that’s old news. Time does change people, the other night I watched her close, she genuinely seems to be very happy, and pleasant.
IF she’s reading this she is no doubt saying that’s where I know you
from. When we were first introduced her eyes got big and I think she was
thinking, how do I know this guy. Anyway Katers I know you’re going to
have a field day with me, as you did yesterday on Twitter. But I really
feel this way.