60th Anniversary International Debutante Ball at The Plaza in Manhattan 12/29/14

The International Debutante Ball is an invitation-only formal debutante ball to officially present well-connected young ladies from upper-class families to high society.I wasn’t able to attend, but the organization was nice enough to send photos over of the event. It’s such a unique, time honored tradition, I thought maybe you’d like to see what it looked like.

 Founded in 1954, it occurs every two years at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
in New York City. Young women from around the
globe and all over the United States are brought together at the ball
and the surrounding parties, including daughters of Presidents of the
United States, diplomats, nobility, senators, ambassadors and governors.
Over the years the ball has benefited numerous charities from the
International Debutante Ball Foundation including the Soldiers’,
Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club of New York, a social
club for members of the United States Armed Services.

Forty-six women of distinction from the United States and abroad made
their bows to society at the 60th Anniversary of the International
Debutante Ball, at the Waldorf Astoria.  The debutantes represented
Austria, China, England, Hong Kong, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland,
Ukraine and twelve American states.

 James Geishaker
 Philadelphia in the house: Marie Fritz, David Alexander Jenkins and Susan Jablokov

Frank Arlinghaus and Emma Xu who’s daughter Emma Jia Xue, made her debut. She goes to University of Pennsylvania and was a former Intern at Supreme Court of People’s Republic of China. She’s studying Social Welfare at University of Pennsylvania.
 Caroline Cooper greets guests in the debutante line.

 Grace Mannix and Katharine Giovannetti

This year forty six women took part in the 60th Anniversary International Debutante
Ball held at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC on December 29, 2014.

Each debutante was accompanied by
her own escort in white tie and tails, and a military cadet in dress
uniform, who carried the flag of the country or state which she
represents. There were five sets of sisters.

 Archduchess Isabella Maria Luisa von Habsburg-Lothringen
 Archduchess Isabella Maria Luisa von Habsburg-Lothringen

 Fanny Tang
 Joanne McGuire
 Miss Alexandra Kent Bratton

 Miss Elise Annabel Matustik Brown and Miss Camilla Francer Rose Harrison Brown


Nora and Pompeii Realuyo
Frannie Tang
Sponsored by Piaget, the Ball benefits The International Debutante Ball
Foundation Charities which Foundation supports numerous charities
including The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s
Club, a home away from home for the military and their families.