Tamburino Baby Announcement….

Thirty-five years ago today, Carol Tamburino had a beautiful bouncing baby girl, and named her best friend….

 Sabrina Tamburino
Winter White Wonderland at Zavino’s restaurant brought all of Sabrina’s good friends out on a cold Saturday to heat up the afternoon at the Midtown Village eatery.

 Donna Coghlan Pasquale and Marilyn Kellmer
  Cake by none other than Isgro’s – where else Carol Tamburino tells me.
 Ladies day out dancing up a storm.
 Definitely one of the most admirable traits of Sabrina Tamburino Thorne is her ability to attract long time, loyal friends. 
Although these gals are always top of the list of rumored programs like The Real Housewives of Philadelphia, these ladies are a far from cat fights, back stabbing and table flippers of the franchise. They’re successful, dynamic and philanthropic supporting many of the charitable causes in the City. Sadly missing from the crew by the time I got there was Erin Elmore as she had to jet off to prepare for The Lemon Ball that evening.

  Kim Perri-Medini, Eliana Raggio and Marilyn Kellemer
 The well heeled Louboutin crowd, also sports beautiful bags.
 Lauren Collabelli and Alisa Martino

 Nina Tinari, Megan Heaton and Donna Pasquale

 After lunch and dancing, Sabrina’s friends each paid tribute to her. So many fun stories, I now know someone that did swing from a chandelier.

 To me Sabrina Tamburino Thorne is the same lovely girl I met in 2008 when I covered her engagement party to Steve Thorne at the Franklin Institute. She was to become PhillyChitChat’s first “It Girl” or more accurate a friend and someone who helped me form the basis of the career that I currently enjoy, which is chronically the lives and events of Philadelphia. For that I will always be grateful. Thanks.

Alicia Connolly Payne and Frances Connolly.
Elaine Graber, Sabrina Strickland, Megan Heaton,  Allison Halpin, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Donna Coghlan Pasquale, Eliana Raggio, Jill Rizen,  Lauren Colabelli, Carol Tamburino, Alisa Martino, Nina Tinari, Eliana Raggio, Alicia Connolly Payne and Frances Connolly.
Happy Birthday Sabrina Tamburino Thorne