Links to The Latest Parties in Philly, and What To Wear to The Hair of the Dog Gala

Good Wednesday morning, which reminds me I need to return to doing #WoofWoofWednesday reports as some of you told me you like seeing the friendly pooch post, anyway what dreary day, but I hear it’s pretty and white down the shore. I’ve always liked snow at the beach. Hope you’re all well. I’m looking forward to covering the Hair of the Dog party on Saturday, it’s always a fun dance party, a cross between your high school prom, and your high school 20th reunion. This year the event is being held at the Crystal Tea Room, so I’m excited to see how they lay it out. TICKETS & INFO

 Over the weekend I covered three events. Friday night I went to Holly Kinser’s birthday party at Stratus Lounge at Hotel Monaco. There was a dynamic crowd on hand, from Rendell, to Nutter to Monica Malpass to Anthony Williams. Holly had ordered a tent to cover the outdoor portion of Stratus, and now Stratus has decided to keep it. Good idea. Now it is really operational in the winter, the tent was nicely heated. Check out my PhillyMag column HERE for additional photos.
Saturday evening, after attending the lovely Sabrina Tamburino’s birthday party I went to the cocktail party for the screening of Maestro at Curtis Music Institute. It’s documentary on orchestra’s and the struggle of keeping them alive. As well as the importance of music education. A film crew spent two years trailing Grammy award-winning conductor and Curtis alum Paavo Jarvi. Check out who was 
there HERE
After Maestro I headed over to the Lemon Ball. Those photos will be up on PhillyMag later today and you can see which of your favorite news people were in attendance.
 The Hair of the Dog gala is this weekend. The dress is fabulous and fashionable.
Hope to see you there. Here are last year’s photos.