The Best New Year’s Party of 2014 to Help You Decide in 2015

Midway through January and I have something to say about New Year’s Eve, I did do a fun column at, but what I didn’t do was really give my opinion on each party. Plus having gone to 3 parties I took a lot of photos that folks wanted to see still.

Normally on New Year’s Eve Mike and I have a party at our house, invited a few friends and catching the fireworks from our balcony; this year I decided to head out to the two hottest parties I’ve heard about in the past, as well as the new party at the newly renovated Down Town Club at 6th and Chestnut.

I was really excited to see the party held at the Piazza,

Hey NYE Philly has held a party at the Piazza for the past few years. It’s always been well attended, but this year they did a few new things as well as added a few more people on the organizational side.

For the price of your ticket you received an open bar and props.
Which really added to the ambiance.
The entire Piazza was tented over and heated.
With temps in the teens it was a little chilly for these gals
  but as the night wore on, no one was feeling the chill.
I thought this party was perfect if you were going with a bunch of friends, or even just a couple friends. But the crowd seemed to run 21 – 25 years old for the maximum enjoyment.
Also the two eateries on the Piazza were opened –  Gunners Run
and Crabby’s. There was food inside the two restaurants and access was granted if you bought the VIP ticket. I left about 9:30PM to head to the next party, but I left everyone in the utmost of holiday spirits. Ticket Price started at $79
I then headed over to the Loew’s Bang Bang New Year’s Eve Party organized by 3 Nerds, Old City Media & ADVENT Consulting, LLC
There was two parties going on, the one in the Millennium Ballroom was geared to a little older, chillaxed crowd
And then there was the Commonwealth Ballroom
which was geared to a much younger audience

with rotating DJ’s that packed the floor.

It was a great party. Did I mention the food, they had a nice pasta spread, pretzels and hourdouvers. Ticket price started at $100
It was nearly midnight and I headed to the Down Town Club for their New Year’s Eve Party.
Recently the Down Town Club underwent a renovation.
and the place looks great. I don’t recall the space having windows, and now it does. The views are spectacular.

The Downtown Club where the team behind
Philadelphia’s annual Diner En Blanc event threw a New Year’s Eve party
with Cescaphe Events.
 They transform the Club into an ”Evening in Paris”
with themed rooms and entertainers in French-style costumes, several
performances by Can-Can girls, and The Bearded Ladies.

Mole Street Productions helped produce the event by obtaining the entertainment, staging and coordinating along with Cescaphe and the Diner en Blanc crew.

It was a sophisticated crowd, there were three rooms for guests, two with DJ’s who kept the dance floor happening.
Another room had lounges and chairs, as well as a spread that was worth the ticket price, which was $150
Although all three were different, the one thing they had in common was that everyone looked like they were having a great time.