Pipeline A New Coworking Space in Center City Hosts a Grand Opening Party

You’ll recall I took a private tour of the new Pipeline co-working space last September, and was curious to what the final space would look like. I was not disappointed when I saw the finished space last week.

Located at 30 S. 15th St, Pipeline, a Miami based company, is a beautifully design coworking, shared office and event space geared towards a diverse community of entrepreneurs, startups, independent
professionals and small business teams. Some of the tenants occupying the offices are Business Regent, and The Knight Foundation.

I was sold on this place just on this view last fall, but after taking a mini tour the other night, I’m completely sold on this fresh, new approach to a co-working space which is very spacious, with an industrial, light filled, collaborative feel. Plus free coffee.
The co-working space occupies the 15th and 16th floors of the Graham Building, David Grasso, the real estate developer (owner of the Graham Building) and Creative marketer Tayyib Smith partnered in bringing the Pipeline organization to the City. Others on board are Gregory Stott, an early member of Pipeline’s flagship in Miami, will be general manager, and Josh Dubin, the former executive director of Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund and the City of Phila Arts and Culture Special Projects, will be the director of events.
The Pipeline has room to roam, private offices, public work spaces, a lounge, a kitchen, a gorgeous floating staircase, cool lighting, networking opportunities, an event space, start-ups, amazing opportunities in a mini think tank and is centrally located across from City Hall.
Holly Tillery, Mike Jerrick and Lindsay Tillery.

DJ Royale entertained the crowd.
Sara Kelly and Sammy Munsch
Tanya Weddemive and Lyrxx Carter
Leah Ben, Bekah Sieck, Geoff Cohen and Amanda Grady pause for a photo from their Scrabble game in the lounge area.
Joe Corrigan, EHS Strategies, Thomas Aronica, SkyBank Financial, Aubrey Montgomery, Principal at Rittenhouse Political Partners, Gregory Stott, General Manager at Pipeline Philly and Abby Leventhal, Director of Rittenhouse Political Partners
Oh this wall paper is sick (Taylor Swift doesn’t own the trademark on this word too does she?) Anyway, seriously this wallpaper is amazing and very unique to the Pipeline. I hear they worked with a company in Brooklyn to create it. It depicts a lot of historic nearly accurate scenes with modern time Philadelphia musicians. At the top is the Roots, you can make out Questlove on the right; to the right Jazzy Jeff, and Will Smith, center Patti LaBelle in a lovely pant suit sitting next to Betsy Ross, next to the Liberty Bell is Hall and Oates, on the left is Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and the far right looks like Ben Franklin at Franklin Paine Park.

I wish I were a fly on the wall when Dice Raw stopped by Pipeline and saw his person immortalized.

Megan Stein, Laura Johnson, and Amanda Grady

The social area, where you can also relax on the sofas and work.
Jen Cohen, Dan McQuade, MCum, Corrine, and JN Weed
Jason Beck, Amanda Clark and Bhavani Bee
Billy Smith, Tayyib Smith, partner at Pipeline Philadelphia and Megan
Hannibal Collins and his mom legendary scribe Bobbi Booker
The Philadelphia Pipeline covers 21,000 square feet, making it the largest co-sharing space in the City.
Zuliesuivie Ball (names means Holy Spirit follows me.) and Iyasu Watts (Jesus in Ethiopian)
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    (PS I love this place!! I think after 4 years of working at home I might have found the place that fits my business.)