#Creed Watch: Sly Stallone, Michael B Jordon is buff, Neil Diamond Does the Irish Jig on the Parkway, Boyd Theater

Hey I haven’t been on the Creed watch in a bit as it’s the social season. But after reading in Philly Gossip this morning about Michael B Jordon being spotted out eating, I thought I would see where they’ve been through social media. (Now some of the spots I had heard about, but I just wanted a bunch to share at once.) One pix I forgot to grab is his visit to Juniper Commons about 2 weeks ago.

This is not the official poster, but someone did a good job.

Sly Stallone recently visited the Franklin Institute

Here he is with Larry Dubinski, President of the FI

On the last day Graham McTavish was in town he climbed the Rocky Steps

Sly stopped by Taphouse yesterday for Brunch. That’s the 2nd time.

Tony Bellew wrapped all his scenes. He said that fight that Sly broke up never happened. I chatted with about 3 people on set that day and they said it was just a minor disagreement no fistcuffs but someone got a pay day.

Michael B Jordon is buff for Creed.

Katie McNeil and Neil Diamond stepped out of the Four Seasons hotel on Sunday to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. He was in town for two shows, one in Allentown the other last night at The Wells Fargo Center.
New Eagles player DeMarco Murray had dinner with new Eagles team mateson Thursday at Capital Grille then signed graphs.

I was chatting with a few of my blog readers over the past month and some of them only read PCC, not twitter, FB or Instagram. So occasionally I might be repeating my SM for them here on PCC as I do drop a lot of news and tidbits on those platforms. Here’s a bit.

My favorite shot I took and posted on Social Media this weekend. I was at a red light and this unfolded to my left.

I had a photo in the Philly Metro paper last Wednesday in AD Amorosi column. You can read him online too. He’s got the scoop and has been covering this beat for two decades.

Thanks to CliqJewelery for my texting gloves. Love them, so does Mike. i often find them on his hands.

And the Boyd Theater comes down. I had no idea it was so huge and mostly on Sansom Street.