Were You Stuck In Traffic Saturday In Center City….this is why…

If you drove in Center City last Saturday between the hours of 8AM and 9PM, you were probably caught in gridlock traffic, in fact if you were on 676, and the Schuykill Expressway you felt the wrath of the bottleneck that was happening

Approaching City Hall, all cars had to turn left on 16th street, then go right on the Parkway to 15th creating the worse bottle neck of traffic you can imagine. Buses were allowed to continue on Market to go around City Hall. The other streets blocked were 16th and Chestnut, Broad and Sansom. Later in the evening 15th and JFK was parked and they allowed traffic down Market Street to go around City Hall. That seemed to be the best solution for the flow.
 A crane 30 stories high was built at 15th and Sansom Streets at 8AM
 To install 2 HVAC systems on the Ellington Apartment building at 15th and Chestnut.  It seems the only notification I could find went to the residents surrounding this area. They didn’t even put up “No Parking” signs on 1500 block of Chestnut Street, which was later closed to traffic. People parked there had to wait until the building was complete (so the trucks could move out of the way.)

 For some reason the news didn’t get out to the masses. It might have been sent out on Saturday, but it would have been nicer had it been send out ALL WEEK LONG to reach the masses of people flowing into the City on one of the nicest nights of the year so far.

 Broad Street
at about 9PM the crane was finally unassembled, but not before a lot of people were late going to the many awesome events that were going on.