Tidbits at Two – A New Entry With Tidbits, Photos You Might Have Missed as well as New Tidbits

OK how many times have I tried to do an entry of eclectic posts at 3 PM and just wasn’t consistent. Now I’m going to do “Tidbits at Two”, which will consist of Tweets and SM stuff that you might not have read, especially because I’ve come across a whole bunch of people who have told me they don’t follow Social Media, it’s just not there thing. So I’m going to put my most informative Tweets etc here, as well as other tidbits that might be helpful in your life or even funny, maybe. Here goes…

 Monday’s are my crazy day. All my columns are due to my outlets and I tape my radio segment. Often I goof off or have HughE time on the weekend which cause me undue stress on Monday trying to get everything done in a 4 hr window Monday morning. Today i taped the new BenFM radio segment at 11AM, and made the mistake of not eating breakfast. Then I had to look at this during my taping. So kids I’m here to tell you always pack almonds or you might overdoes on Zitner easter eggs that have been delivered to the radio station.

 This week head over to Macy’s to check out their annual flower show. It’ll carry you over the next few days til we get to the real spring.

 Which by the way started on Saturday. People came out in droves to fill the Center City streets, restaurants and clubs. There were at least 5 major galas going on. The City was alive.

 Sunday Alex Holley and I headed to Top of the Tower and their new Sky Brunch. It was delicious, and plentiful. $50 gives you a huge spread of delicious options.
Sunday, March 29

10:30 AM to 2:00 PM •

Top of the Tower
1717 Arch St., 50th. Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103
Travel 51 floors up and enjoy a special brunch menu
featuring seven food stations including: breakfast items, steak, soup,
seafood, dessert, and more.
On the web:

$50 for adults, $25 for children

 Spring is in the air, as the flowers bloom near the Art Museum

 BTW on Friday the Art Museum Steps will host the Phila Civic Flag Day NOON. I’ve been to the one’s held near City Hall, they’re always interesting, especially the lady that comes dressed in the flag dress. OK that’s it for today. See you on Tuesday for more Tidbits at 2, as well as the regular entry of PCC in the morning. Have a nice day.