South Street and Links to Ballet Press Conference and the Donors Are Heroes Party Pictures

I went to the Pa Ballet Press Conference in Old City yesterday, then strolled over to South Street.

It had been awhile since I had gone to the street with no agenda and just wandered around.
 It was delightful. It’s like looking in the bohemian past.
 I appreciate these two gals letting me photograph them. They were just smoking a joint checking out the bongs.
This was a favorite photo. I was standing in the middle of the street and a guy drove by, rolled down his window and asked me about parking regulations, are you the PPA guy he says. Then very excitedly he and his girlfriend are like ‘You’re that guy on Fox 29!” “We love your work.” That was super fun. I never really dwell that I’m that guy, and it’s as exciting to me that you like my work. This pix came out great too. It’s been such a challenged since Instagram has upgraded their software, and sometimes my phone camera just zooms in when i don’t want it too. Ahh change, I hate it.
Classic South Street.
So the other day I went to Old City’s Old Bar to hear about the new season of the Pa Ballet. There were ballet dancers there as well as the new easy on the eyes Pennsylvania Ballet Artistic Director Ángel Corella. He’s had a most illustrious career, and now he wants to kick up the Pa Company a notch or two.
Donors are Heroes was quite a party again this year. Check out more photos and the story here in my Philly Mag Column – THE SCENE.