Best Instagram/SM Pixs of #Phillies Opening Day

Oh this series seems to be fairly popular. If you have an instagram to share ie Opening Day., just do a hashtag #ODPCC or tweet to me. OK Opening day of the Phillies. For me it was a day to remember. It was my first opening day for the Phillies in at least a decade as I usually was working a day job, or as in the case for the past 3 years just didn’t have a fun posse to go with. I went with my bud Alex Holley (Fox 29) and her friend Karla Brown.

 We had a blast, thank you to the Phillies and Michael Harris for treating us, especially at the bitter last minute. Originally I was just planning to hit the tail gate parties, but in the end I didn’t make it to any of them. I didn’t realize the tailgate parties ended at 3PM and everyone went into the ball park to watch the game. Now I know. Plus I wanted to see the Leadoff Walk by the Players. I hadn’t even heard of that before. That was fun to see. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say what a gorgeous day it was.

No matter how the Phillies play, or what’s going on with them, they’re our Phillies and we need to support them. It’s a tradition.

 I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not the starting line up



 Michael Neill, Johnny Doc and David Conroy
 Johnny Doc and his brother Kevin. They sure look alike.
Doc had a nice party for his friends on the club level, in the Hall of Fame.

 I ran into CBS Radio’s Cindy Webster and her friend Alexandria. Check out Cindy’s shoes painted by Michael Barkann’s daughter. I need a pair. So cute.

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I saw Shane Victorino and Melissa Victorino at Del Frisco’s last night. Whenever he’s in town all his friends know to stop by there and say hello.