10th anniversary Gala of Terri Schiavo’s Passing, at the Union League

March marked the 10th anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s passing (you might
remember she had been in a coma for more than a decade when her husband
requested the removal of her feeding tube, and her family said there was
hope as only God makes life and death decisions,) and the foundation
created by her brother Bobby Schindler, held their annual Terri Schiavo
Life & Hope Award Gala at the Union League.

 Greg and Carol Rice
 Brian and Joan Gale
 Tom and Grace Russell and Helen Holroyd.
 At the event guests
enjoyed a cocktail party, where they had the opportunity to purchase art
work created by Terri; there was also a meet and greet with honored
speaker of the evening political commentator Glenn Beck
with VIP guests before everyone headed to the Lincoln Ballroom for
dinner and the program. Bridgette Dantzler received the Terri Schiavo
Life and Hope Award in honor of her fight for her son Kyle’s life, who
suffered a debilitating anoxic brain injury while undergoing a
liver/kidney transplant. Doctors said there was no hope, but Dantzler
says there is always hope and with the Life & Hope foundation has
fought to keep him alive.
 Robert Gerling, Chris Slattery, Bob Unger and Ralph Bryant (sitting)

 Brad Mattes, CEO of Life Issues Inst & Pres of International Right to Life honors  Bridgette Henson the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Award. Dantzler’s son Kyle suffered a debilititating anoxic brain injury while undergoing a liver/kidney transplant. Although the doctors had lost hope for recovery, especially after Kyle coded 3 times, Dantzler’s has not. With the help of Bobby Schindler (Terry’s Brother) and the Life and Hope Network, they have been able to help Kyle fight to stay alive.
Glenn Beck was the honored speaker at the Life & Hope Network Gala. He weaved a tale of hope with artifacts that he had collected over the years. When not blaming the progressive party for the war, slavery and the Holocuast, he was interesting. He ended the speech by saying every life matter whether you were black, or white, gay or straight.
Mary Schindler (Terri’s mom), sister Suzanne Schindler and brother Bobby Schindler, who thanked the guests for their support which allows them to keep the awareness of life and hope going, her memory alive.