2PM Treat: Want to Lick Peanut Potter or Paterno, Ventuno XXI Just Opened and They Have Penn State Creamery

 On my way back from shooting the Malcom Gladwell event at U of P yesterday, I noticed that Ventuno XXI had finally opened.

  It’s a cute little spot, affordable dishes with outside seats and the only Penn State Creamery for at least a mile or so one of the workers told me.
They had an extensive menu, with reasonable prices.
 There are a few tables inside, and you order your food yourself. Currently they close at 7PM, but in the summer they may be open til 10PM
All sandwiches were $7.95 
I had already eaten, but I did try some of the ice cream flavors. So delicious. 
Single Scoop: $3.50 and Double Scoop: $4.75 cup/cone; Drinks $2; Soups Cup: $4/Bowl $6
You know I’ll be going back for the Onion Soup.