Food Trust’s Flight Market at Lincoln Financial Field was fun. Next Year You Should Go, and it’s for a good cause.

On Sunday Flight Market at Lincoln Financial Field, a daytime spin on Night Market that benefits The Food Trust and our mission to ensure that everyone — regardless of income, race or ZIP code — has access to healthy, affordable food, happened and here’s what I saw

 Little kids like to pose with the Eagles Cheerleaders too
 There was also a vintage flea market going on too
 Mike was a sport yesterday. First he went with me to Flight Market knowing I’d be distracted, 2nd he let me drag him to an event right after this and hung in the lobby as I photographed the Wine, Women & Shoe event in East Norriton. Those photos will be on PhillyMag on Tuesday.
 Caption this photo. I like his wife’s look as she’s looking at him.

 It’s a rudder to a sail boat (I used to have a sailboat so that’s why I know)

 I searched and searched and could not find that Prime Stache

 Vinyl is making a comeback

 Dr. Seuss is on the loose

 Very friendly security
 Into the linc for a field tour,
 Or stare

There was also face painting, food, spirits, music, a photo booth and lots of fun things for the family. I would highly recommend you go here next year.