The Beast on the Art Museum Steps – Rainy Day Monday

Saturday I was photographing the The Run For Clean Air hosted by The Clean Air Council presented by Toyota Hybrids. In between the various runs that morning I noticed the tourists running up the steps, as well as the locals utilizing the steps for exercise.

Everyone was very inspirational, but this one guy was killing it on the steps.

Update: Here’s the PCC blog entry where he is ID’d 

Today’s entry:

Philly Mob Wive: Alicia DiMichele Opens her boutique w/a fashionable party @AliciaDiMichele 

 And I thought I’d share a little inspiration with you
 usually I just do an instagram of something like this
 but I knew it would be a rainy Monday and
 we’d need a little more to get us through today

 Yes he is climbing up and down the steps while doing leg lifts
My friends are always asking me “Where’s a good place to meet a guy.” I often tell them go to the Art Museum, especially on their Friday night social events. Now I’m going recommend going to the Art Museum Steps too, as my girls are usually working out on Kelly Drive. See what they’re missing on the steps.

I’ve seen boot camp on the steps, but never have I seen someone do planks barehanded while ascending and descending the steps.

In recent years I’ve videotaped a car going down the art museum steps that made international news, photos of sledders during snowstorms that have made national news, recently I photographed Creed filming on the steps, and now we we have this. It’s good to go to the Art Museum.

Drop me a line, I have a list of guys and girls that would be perfect for you. A few would definitely like to work out with you next Saturday on the Art Museum Steps.