Party Pixs: Lifesavers Party to Celebrate Those Who Save Lives and Raise Awareness

Chances are, you have been touched by suicide. In the United States, a person dies by suicide every 14.6 minutes, claiming nearly 37,000 lives each year. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24, and individuals ages 65 and over account for 16 percent of all suicide deaths.
But suicide can be prevented and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Philadelphia Chapter has been working diligently for the past decade to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention efforts in our area. Thanks to Dwight and Jan Evans for hosting the 7th Annual Party With A Purpose at their lovely home in Haverford, PA
 Keith Leaphart, Replica Creative and his sister Shelley Leaphart– Williams. After a long battle with depression her nephew Wally “Matthew” Patrick committed suicide in Nov. 2008. She has since founded Lifesavers University and become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to “Save a Life”.
 Cindy Crable and Scott Nehring
 Lenora Hagan, Jennifer Bergman and Meaghan DeAlmeida
 Jenna Horn, Mike Mandale, Susan Robinson, Craig Robinson and Jim Robinson.
 Kevin Fowler,  Catherine M. Siciliano, Associate Area Director Philadelphia of AFSP. and Giovanni Siciliano, Board Member of AFSP.
 Caryn Hersch,  Vickie Nomiddle and Becky Goldich

 Aimee Bergman, Jessica Donofrio, Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald, Jessie Donafrio and Drew Bergman, (Drew is a Drexel student, and speaker for Minding Your Minds, Minding Your Mind is the leading provider of mental health programs to students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community in Greater Philadelphia.)
 Iris Roundtree, Carolyn Jones and Gaybriell Bracy.
 Dr. Thomas Newmark, M.D., DLFAPA is President of the American Association of Psychiatric Administrators is inducted as the new Board President of AFSP by Pat Gainey, Philadelphia Regional Director of AFSP-Greater Philadelphia Chapter
 Debra Jillard, Brandon Marisco, AFSP-South Central Pennsylvania (recieved the 2015 Lifesaver Award), AnnMarie Sharma and Brian Zinn
Craig Robinson, Caryn Hersch and Drew Bergman were all inducted onto the Board of AFSP-Greater Philadelphia Chapter by  Catherine M. Siciliano, Associate Area Director Philadelphia of AFSP (2nd from l) and Janet Evans  board chair of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter (2nd from r)
Congrats to Brandon Marisco received the Lifesavers Award, Tony Salvatore received the Community Impact Award and Shelley Leaphart-Williams received Survivor of the Year Award…. 3 awards that night as well as induction of Board President Dr. Thomas Newmark.  Induction of new board members Drew Bergman, Caryn Hersh, and Craig Robinson. (I am extremly grateful and proud that Caryn (who’s brother died by suicide) and Craig (who’s best friend Gia died by suicide) are on board, as I brought them in to the organization and they have excelled in anything I could have hoped for.) November 14, at the Loews Hotel, AFSP is honoring me with the Lifesaver of The Year honor, for my story of struggling when I was in college and my volunteer work for the past 3 years with the organization.