Philadelphia Style Magazine Women of Influence Tea Party With Tamron Hall – A Candid Conversation

On May 8, 2015, Philadelphia Style celebrated its Women of Influence issue at afternoon tea with cover star Tamron Hall. at The Rittenhouse Hotel ( 210 W Rittenhouse Square) earlier this month.
There was great media interest in Tamron Hall and the media came out to cover her appearance, who is the cover gal for the Spring Issue of Philly Style Magazine.
A photo I took of Tamron and Philly Style Mag’s editor Kristin Detterline appeared in last week’s Philly Daily News.

The stylish ladies posed in front of the step and repeat, which is what the background is called behind them. Everyone was in love with Tamron’s leather dress. Kristin’s pretty stylish too.

 Beatriz Garces and Kelly Davis

 Guest, Lisa Silveri and Ellen Shepp

 Jen Cauldle and Nina Radcliff
 Rosemary Connors, Risa Vetri Furman,  Jacqueline London, Leslie Tyler and city council candidate Helen Gym. (Remember to vote tomorrow!!)
Risa Vetri Furman and Jenny DeHuff
There were tea sandwiches and delicious desserts served at the afternoon tea.
Kristin Detterline conducted a in-depth interview with Tamron Hall, who was engaging, warm and very interesting.
Her dad challenged her with a positive media
representation while she was growing up, he would always tell Tamron, you can be just like Iola Johnson He would tell her she
could be like her. (ohnson was the first woman and the first African American to write for
the ten o’clock news for the NBC affiliate KBOA in Tucson, Arizona. In
1973, Johnson was approached to take a position with WFAA-TV in Dallas,
Texas. She worked her way to becoming the first woman and the first
black news anchor in Dallas)  She once met her idol. And now Hall has made history herself, becoming the first black women to co-anchor The Today Show.

 The audience was enraptured by the honesty of Tamron Hall. Tamron said that her women of influence: is her mom, and her idol Lena
Horne, a women who broke many barriers herself. She owns a lot of her possessions. When she signed the deal with NBC to appear on the Today Show, she put on the Lena Horne jacket and bracelet she bought at an auction.
A few things Tamron chatted about was the rumors she’s always reading about about the infighting on the show. She told the ladies “when you ‘re on a morning show, you have to like one
another, you can’t fake it. The news at night is only 30 minutes, it’s easy to
just deliver it and isolate from your co-workers.” 
While attending Temple U she worked for a jewelry store
called Magna. A gun was the logo. People kept breaking in to steal jewelry and
grab the logo. 
She’s been engaged 5 times. Her one regrets that she
might never be a mother.
PS A few weeks ago I covered Tamron Hall at the
Lutheran Settlement House  breakfast, which has programs to protect women in domestic abuse situations. Tamron talked about her sister, who she lost in 2004 to an apparent case of domestic abuse.She was honored at the event for speaking out about the subject and for raising money to raise awareness. Although I tweet and instagramed the event to my 30,000 SM followers, I never had a chance to write the entry as it’s been so hectic. Please support this great organization, and if you or someone you know needs help, reach out to them. 
Lutheran Settlement House is pleased to announce that our annual Women
of Courage event raised over $90,000—one third more than last year’s
total—and was sold out with over 300 guests in attendance. LSH was
fortunate to receive significant media attention for Women of Courage
including on NBC 10 and in the Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia Sunday Sun, Philly Style Mag, The Public Record, Philly Chit Chat, Al Día and Thank
you to all who came and donated! These funds will enable us to continue
to serve vulnerable individuals across Philadelphia, working with them
towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.